YSL card case or Gucci Card case?

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  1. I'm currently deciding between these 2 card cases. I just recently bought the Gucci marmont card case and I'm worried if might show alittle more wear faster bc the leather seems pretty smooth. Can someone please tell m ehow the YSL card case holds up? And which card case would you prefer??
  2. I have the YSL card holder since September and mine holds up really well, it looks like new. The leather feels like it will hold up 1000 years. However it was really stiff in beginning to get cards in and out of but with use it softened a bit. I have not seen the Gucci one in person only in pics and it does look lovely.

  3. Thank you! I plan on going into the saint Laurent store to look at the card holders and compare them. I'm just nervous that the Gucci card holder might show wear alittle more than the ysl
  4. I have the same one as Swedengirl has but in red and gold hardware. Purchased mine from Selfridge's in Oct. As mentioned, the slots are tight. It's gotten better over the time I've had it. I have two cards in each slot and put cash in the middle area.

    IMG_1483216519.933916.jpg IMG_1483216541.964574.jpg
  5. Nice! I actually have this Gucci one and I'm currently deciding if I should switch it for this ysl card holder

    IMG_1483396036.356606.jpg IMG_1483396044.482096.jpg
  6. I'm actually thinking of getting this Gucci card case instead of the Saint Laurent becauce I find their hardware to be a little sharp and it might end up scratching the leather lining of my bags or other slgs inside my bag. May I ask why you're thinking of switching? How's your wear and tear? Thanks.
  7. Love my ysl card case, I’ve had it since December

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