YSL Camera Bag or Alma BB? Please help..

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  1. PS I think when you take the tassel off the camera bag it somehow looks more dressy? So you have the option to wear it both on evenings out and during the day
  2. This is a tough one! I often struggle between LV and YSL too. I like the camera bag a lot but the Alma is a classic and will wear well for many many years. I vote Alma.
  3. Alma.
  4. I’m looking for camera bag as my next YSL purchase and reading all these reviews make me so excited to have one in my collection :smile:
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  5. You will LOVE it! It’s my most favourite bag
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  6. Hi, I’ve been looking at it too. Can you tell me a bit about the wear and tear? Does it hold up well? I have the small woc in grained and it’s pretty scratch resistant and sturdy.
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  7. I think it’s held up pretty well. A couple of minor scratches here and there but it really is my everyday running around bag atm and it’s hard to be realllly careful. The only thing that may bother you is that it starts to “bow” at the top, as in the material bit between the zipper and the leather pops out a little bit but I’ve seen it happen on all of them and doesn’t look bad but just something to keep in mind. No major wrinkles or sagging of the leather yet.
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  8. See the bowing at the top? I don’t overfill this bag either. Sorry for the odd angled photo I wanted to snap a pic in natural light the other day

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  9. She’s stunning! I was considering between this and the Gucci Marmont camera bag but I think the YSL looks more classy. I was looking at this in light pink but I might have to reconsider the colour since soft leather tends to have a higher risk of colour transfer. How long have you had yours?
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  10. I vote for the Alma bb. I have a few YSL bags, and I am tired of the YSL logo.
  11. I’ve had mine since May last year, so around 10 months. I really wanted a marmont piece when I bought this but, and I don’t mean to offend anyone, I feel like personally for me it would date quickly.
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  12. Thanks so much! I’m adding this in black to my wishlist.
  13. I have the alma BB and just purchased the YSL online today.. I love the alma but I am guessing the ysl is more spacious (although I feel like the alma fits a good amount for a mini bag) and definetly softer as the alma is very structured..
    many say the alma hangs uncomfortable as a crossbody but its not the case for me at all, i feel like its comfortable as houlder or crossbody... a minus for the alma is the straps are non adjustable but a plus is that you can carry it from the handle.... if it helps, there is a 15% off on netaporter right now thats how I got mine but not all colors are available ☺️ Let us know which you get
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