YSL Camera Bag or Alma BB? Please help..

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  1. 2A2B5B3D-8A33-4AEA-9A5E-998793D1E74A.png hello everyone! I wanted to treat myself to a nice purchase and narrowed my choices down to these two beauties..... was wondering if you could all help me.. my style is casual yet I can also dress up. I am a mom and just want an on the go bag.

    Out of these two could you please help me decide?? Both are within a good price point / in my price range and both are so hard to choose! Thank u in advance!!
  2. I'm also a Mum & I'm hoping to buy the camera bag. It goes with everything & fits loads. I think it's very chic as well
  3. I personally love the YSL camera bag. As it is leather, chevron quilting, fits heaps and has the classic YSL logo. It has a very long crossbody strap though, so if you’re short or petite you may need to put in another hole in the strap.

    However the LV Alma BB is a classic as well. It has really sturdy canvas so you don’t have to worry about scratches too much. It’s nice that you can wear it crossbody during the day and handheld if you go out somewhere fancier at night.
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  4. I see a case for both! :smile: My vote is for the YSL camera bag. I saw this in store early December. I was comparing this with Marmont tote and YSL is bigger and I love the tassel. It's a combo of Gucci Soho and Marmont camera bag to me. The LV is cute as well and you can throw it around more as it's canvas. Good luck with your decision.
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  5. Update: I saw the camera bag today & it's much bigger than I thought. So really consider how much you want to put in it. The bigger the bag, the more rubbish I put in it so I'd rather a bag which suits my needs perfectly. I didn't end up buying the bag precisely because it's too big
  6. Both of your choices are my two most commonly used "mama is going to Costco/Target/Kroger" bags :biggrin: I love them both! They are light, hold a good amount and are simple while being stylish. You really can't go wrong with either. I say if you don't wear a lot of black, the LV might go better and vice versa.

  7. Lol I'd say go with the YSL camera bag but I'm biased cuz I own 2 of them and they're really spacious! Perfect errand days and you can even fit a long wallet in it! Plus the squishy leather is so lux
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  8. alma bb might be too much hardware/a little fussy to get into if you're looking for a grab and go bag :smile:
  9. Alma gets my vote. It was my go to for the first few months after I had my daughter. It can fit so much for such a little bag.
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  10. alma bb hands down!
  11. I have a Alma BB in DE and I used it non stop for the first year that I had it. I still love it to this day
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