YSL Buffalo Muse Change Purse - Thoughts?

  1. TPFers what are your thoughts on this change purse?

    Bluefly - Find Women Designer Wallets at discount prices at Bluefly.com - #2055907 - Yves Saint Laurent brown buffalo 'Muse' change purse

    I ordered this brown one today from BlueFly.

    1). Does anyone have one, what's it like inside

    2). Has anyone got pics from other sites that have more views

    3). I was a little weary ordering from Bluefly after the +/- comments received, so for my worry levels, does anyone know if this is an actual authentic design that was created by YSL

    And fingers crossed I would love it.... But love your opinions....
  2. I've had nothing but good experiences with Bluefly- they're great at processing returns. And I like the change purse you picked- the leather looks delicious!
  3. I just got the white Muse long wallet from bluefly & it's Gorgeous!
    Yours should be very lovely too!
  4. I just love Buffalo leather--I think it'll be great. And the YSL products from Bluefly have been authentic in the past.
  5. I just got the YSL Rive Gauche zip close continental wallet (also from Bluefly) in black an hour ago. OMG is it GORGEOUS! It's buffalo leather and has trimming in both patent leather and suede. It even came in the box, has every shred of paperwork, authenticity cards, etc. LOVES! :tender:

    Yeppers, it's the real deal as usual! :yes:

    I'll post a pic later. I'm at work and I got the last one (bwwaahahaha!), so there's no link to it on Bluefly any more.
  6. HERE SHE IS!!! Isn't this BEAUTIFUL!! :yahoo:

    Perhaps I should have taken my cards out before I shot the pics. Now you guys know too much about me! :wtf:
    2007_0323Image0047.JPG 2007_0323Image0048.JPG 2007_0323Image0049.JPG
  7. Ooooh, it's lovely.
  8. Prado Psycho - she is a gem.... great pick. Perfect all round!
  9. Thanks, beani_p! I can't stop fondling her and and sniffing the leather. It's soooo yummy! :tender:
  10. Beautiful!
  11. cute!
  12. oohhhh Prada.. that's Gorgeous!;) I missed seeing the Rive Gauche wallet but the Muse one is beautiful too. This last week they have had some fabulous wallets for sale :nuts: :nuts:
  13. So had a problem purchasing the change purse from Australia (as they needed to verify my ID)...

    anyway I let my order cancel and instead bought a new Bottega Veneta Continental Wallet (ebano) and Christian Dior Change Purse (Pink & Beige) and both are beautiful... meets my requirements perfectly - and I love both!!!

    The change purse I have been asked by 4 different people now where to purchase it... anyway thanks guys for helping me with Bluefly anyway.

    I still at somepoint want to buy the YSL dark brown medium muse from them... however just don't want to incurr the customs/tax charges on arrival!