YSL box and dust bag???

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  1. If I order a YSL purse from Nords, Saksfifth, Neiman or Bergdorff, will it come in a YSL box and YSL dust bag???
  2. The purse comes in a YSL dustbag and the shoes come in the Ysl box with the dustbag inside. This is based on my buying experience at Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus.
  3. I know for a fact in Nordstrom (based on my personal experiences) that the purses will come with a YSL dust bag not the box though I've always been given the Nordstrom gift box and thats in-store and online purchases.
  4. I went to the boutique And still no box with the bag purchase, even tho I know they do have some laying around.
  5. At Saks, it will only come with a YSL dust bag, no box.
  6. What about NAP? Any chance of getting a YSL box?
  7. Only dustbag for handbag, no box.
  8. hi everyone!
    are there 2 dustbags? or just the black one..
    is it the black one? I dont like white ones because they show dust more and it smears in my closet... im a perfectionist.
    heehe im new to ysl bags and I want to know everything before I order my cabas .. :heart:
  9. The YSL dust bags has two layers. One is like a satin black color with the YSL logo and the 2nd inner layer is white. Hopefully this works for you, because the chYc cabas is a gorgeous bag :biggrin:
  10. My NAP Chyc arrived without a dust bag :oh:
  11. Hi,

    Just ordered my first YSL (Belle de Jour patent black large clutch) from Nordstrom and was curious if these come with a dustbag as well. I love Nordstrom however feel that sometimes they don't package my online orders as well as others. Thanks.
  12. why would you need a box?
  13. Just a dust bag. Only when I bought bags from YSL.com, they put the bags into a huge white box. Even though when I buy bags from a YSL store, only dust bag. I don't need a huge box....it's hard to carry the bag in box by a train. If I use a car, maybe it's ok to carry such a huge box.
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    When I bought a bag (clutch) at the YSL boutique in Paris last year (pre-Hedi Slimane), it did not come with a box (only the dust bag). I bought the same clutch (different color) in HK recently, it came in a beautiful black Saint Laurent Paris box and a dust bag. I was thrilled with the unexpected packaging of my clutch, but even more thrilled to know that inside the SLP box is a YSL clutch (from 2012! - Whew!)

    So maybe this change to SLP will now include boxes for bags?