YSL Bow Collection Eyeshadow Quad only $16.99 (you save $43)

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  1. Love the color. I'm getting one. Thanks!
  2. Great deal! Nice colors.
  3. oo! thanks! I love the colors too!
  4. does anyone have any BT coupons!?
  5. INSTYLE20 (for 20% off entire order) still works. I think it expires on 2/28.
  6. any free shipping code?
  7. hmmm.. the code was taken, but didn't apply to the shadow. Perhaps it only works on non-special priced items
  8. thanks for posting about the YSL...
  9. come to think of it, i'm pretty sure coupons don't work for the steal of the week.
  10. You're right - you can't use coupons or other discounts on the steal of the week.
  11. got 2 today. Also got a postcard
    10% off $30 10off30
    15% off $60 15off60
    20% off $100 20off100
  12. beautiful! thanks ~
  13. definitely going to use one of these :smile: