YSL Bow Bag

  1. I only discovered the beauty recently.:yahoo:

    Are we allowed to post pics on here?

    Anyway it seems I discovered it late, and a little research has found that it originally came in two sizes and many colours.

    Anyway I want one :crybaby:
  2. I have one and I love, love, LOVE it! I have the larger version (the smaller is more of an evening/dressy bag). It's the perfect size for day, but it looks pretty at night, too. You may have some luck calling the YSL outlet in Woodbury, or one might pop up on eBay. Good luck!
  3. there are a few on eBay right now...it's such a cute bag!
  4. Thank you for your responses:smile:

    Yes I saw them on eBay, they had two rose coloured suede ones on there, and I think they were the small one. I don't know why but I wasn't that keen on them:rolleyes: There doesn't seem to be that many pictures on the internet and Ive never seen one face to face, so to speak! But I rather like the look of the two tone tan one.

    I'll have to wait and save up some money anyway, I'm off on holiday next week!;)

    Excuse my ignorance but where is Woodbury? I'm in the U.K!
  5. i am in love with this bag! it's actually the one that got me interested in YSL. still don't own it though :-/
  6. Woodbury Commons is a designer outlet mall in NY, and one of the stores (among others) is a YSL outlet. I am not sure if they ship to the UK.....it's worth a call if you aren't willing to wait for one to pop up on a website. Mine is in black, and it looks so classy! I really love it, and I hope you find one!
  7. I remember seeing it in the boutique in Dec of 2005 (or maybe it was Jan of 2006) and it is stunning. I love the small version in the metallic.
  8. i think this bag is adorable. but is it heavy? it seems like the flap might be a little weighty and cumbersome. do you suppose the larger size would be practical as an everyday bag?
  9. can someone please post a picture of this bag? :flowers:
  10. ^There are a couple of them up in the Photo Resource thread, including one on the last page of the thread.

    It's a beautiful bag and actually the first YSL I was considering purchasing, but then I saw the picture of Hillary Duff with her rose suede one (that's early on in the Celebrity photos thread) and knew it was a look I just couldn't personally pull off.
  11. yes, i saw that picture of hillary duff too. it's cute, but i like the camel color better -- romantic, but not too girly (in my opinion).

    oh, if anyone who owns this bag would like to authenticate the one i'm considering buying on ebay, please feel free to do so -- i posted a reply in the pinned thread above. thanks!
  12. It's very light compared to other bags I have. Most of the weight comes from all my junk I put in!