YSL Bow Bag owners and aficionados: Please HELP!

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  1. Hello. I didn't know where to go to ask this question--I thought if anyone knew the answer, they would have to be found on this bulletin board! So here goes... the other day I received the YSL bow bag (in beige...the one with the flap on top) that I ordered online from Saks.com. In the picture on their website, the acorn ornament that comes with the purse, is hung from the bow and hangs to the bottom of the purse and below. However, when I received my purse, the acorns were hung on the metal hoop on the side of the purse. When I undid the acorns to hang them on the bow, I realized how SHORT my acorn ornament was. When I hang it through the bow, it hangs an inch or so only. It's TINY. It's definitely a different length from what is in the picture on Saks.com. Does anyone know the reason for the discrepancy? I contacted Saks customer service-product information, and the lady I spoke to really couldn't give me a definitive answer (only that they would be glad to refund my money if I wasn't satisfied). Those of you who own the bow bag, how long is your acorn thingy? Have any of you seen the shorter one I ended up receiving? Please help! (this couldn't be an authenticity issue, could it??)
  2. Okay, now I'm trying to figure out if my bag is authentic (it's from saks.com, so it has to be, right?)... anyone know how to set my mind at ease? The inside pocket of the purse came with a little black YSL envelope that had several things in it (1. authentic card, 2. little booklet, and 3. a white tag with purse specific info on it). There is also a number behind the leather YSL rive gauche tag inside the purse. Should that number match up with anything inside the black envelope?? :confused1: Please help!
  3. One of the numbers on the tag should match the number on the white card that shows the season that the bag was from. I don't own this bag, but I've looked at it at YSL and I remember the acorns being pretty dangly. I'm not sure what's happening with your bag, but I don't remember where the acorns hung from in the bags I looked at. It may have been hanging from the side metal hoop. I don't remember it hanging from the bow, but it's been a while.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Here are some pics of the bow bag i found online. I'm attaching three photos. The first one shows the dangly acorns...and the last two show shorter acorns. The first one is from saks.com but the others are from other websites I've never heard of (styledrops.com?). I will go compare the white sheet with the numbers in the bag, but if anyone knows how to explain the different lengths, please share. It's driving me nuts. I feel like I bought a knock-off. :s
    ysl2.jpg ysl.jpg yslstyledrops.jpg
  5. Hi all-- I had a question about understanding the serial numbers on YSL purses. My bow purse has a number written on the back of the leather tag that is inside the purse. The number is a seven digit number or so and then a space and then a five digit number. Is the whole thing the serial number or just the first set of numbers? I checked the white certificate slip that comes as "authenticity" proof and at the top left hand corner I saw "2005" space then "3" (I assume this shows the season). And then there was the first set of the numbers on the back of the bag. Then there was a space
    followed by some numbers and letters (not sure what this is). Then there was another space and three numbers. Does anyone know what the last three numbers are? My concern is that the ENTIRE number on the back of the leather tag was NOT on the white certificate thing. Is it possible since I bought the bag on sale that there was a different certificate stuck in my purse? Could you please check your YSLs to see whether on your white certificates you can see all numbers on the back of the leather tag or only just the first seven or so? I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. The entire number should not be on the white card. The tag in the bag has the style number from the tag and then another set of numbers. The white card has the season and the style number and then another set of numbers and letters. These are not supposed to match what's on the tag in the bag. I'm not sure if these other numbers are leather batch indicators or something else, but it sounds like you have the correct paperwork.
  7. it sounds merely like a discrepancy between stock photos ( of which sometimes they'll use prototypes or samples of the bags, which can differ greatly from the real bags). another example of this would be the Marc Jacobs Stam bag. when it first came out, Neimans had photographed it for their christmas lookbook. the thing is though, they took photo's of the nappa leather (smooth). No one carried the nappa versions except the MJ boutiques, so there were a lot of confused people who ordered these bags and got the icey leathers and not the nappa that was photographed......
  8. Hey Nabi, just wanted to let you know I have the same exact bag as you, and it is definitely authentic, and the acorns are the same length as yours (not like in the photo). I think the photo is just wrong.