YSL Boutiques pre-sale begins tomorrow

  1. Ladies, I just got off the phone with Ricardo at the YSL Boutique in Houston; their presale event begins tomorrow. I don't know the exact savings; I did pre-buy the Oversize Muse in red for $979 so about a 30% savings on that bag.
    He did say basic colors being carried over are not on sale; the only Downtown was the one with the check pattern, he mentioned Rive Gauche as well.
    If you are looking for YSL,look up a boutique on their site, they do ship for about $10. He also said they can get product from other stores
    Anyone in Houston - 713-840-7006. Ask for Ricardo or Michael. Good luck!
  2. If only i lived in the states...:crybaby:
  3. What should i get?
  4. Muse or Rive Gauche. I say Muse because I have been drooling and wishing for months...
    I also saw a thread just a few minutes ago saying Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas had a large deep red Muse for $934...call designer handbags in that store, they can ship to you... but don't wait too long if you want a bag, I am learning how quickly they sell out! Good luck!:yes:
  5. Can someone tell me what their return policy is? TIA!
  6. He told me no returns on sale items...
  7. Neimans will take sale returns though
  8. I wonder if the one at South Coast Plaza would have the large white Muse for sale? I also like the Downtown but unfortunately the black patent or white wouldn't be on sale...
  9. the purple muse just got added to the pre-sale list items. call them today before they are all gone!
  10. Does anyone know when the actual sale starts? Thanks
  11. Actual sale started Wednesday. I bought the medium check Downtown on presale on Saturday, can't wait till it arrives! It's gorgeoouuuss, and lined in suede :heart: reduced to just under 1200 from just under 2000 :yes::smile:
  12. thats for the heads up :smile:
    wish they had the downtown in other colors.