YSL boutique pre-sale starts today 5/30!

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  1. lots of muses on sale, including the purple one!! get it before they are all gone! lots of runway RTW pieces are on sale too.
  2. Which boutique? Phone numbers?
  3. How much are the muses on sale for?
  4. rive gauches?!
  5. any shoes for sale?
  6. I hate when posts aren't clear as to WHERE...ladies go to ysl.com and look up a boutique location nearest you. You can order over the phone and they will ship to you... I used the Houston location and they are shipping an Oversize Muse Red to me, sell price was $979, about 30% off. different stores have different colors...my SA told me violet and black were carrying over and would not be on sale, nor are downtowns. Rive Gauch is on sale, along with others. You might have good luck with the Las Vegas YSL...and do call Nordstroms Mall of America (info posted in Nordies thread presale). Ask for Toni in Designer Handbags, she can look all over Nordstrom as well. Their Muses were on sale for $829.90.... find the MOA phone on Nordies website and call the main number.
    Good luck...
  7. Whoo hooo! Thanks for the DETAILED info. :tup:
  8. sorry for not being specific. :s

    i walked into the YSL boutique in san francisco this morning right when they opened and the SA told me that the purple just got added to the markdown list - yesterday when i called it was not so things have changed. the large purple was pre-sold to me for $899, roughly 30% off. so the purple is on sale. i don't know why if other boutiques did not mark their's down.

    they had 3 this morning. please give them a call at 415-837-1211.

    p.s. some shoe are on sale but none of the runway ones (tribute, vera, naked kiss, etc.)
  9. Just wanted to add there is a YSL boutique in Chevy Chase, MD; across the street from Jimmy Choo.
  10. Is the violet the darker of the two purple shades?
  11. nordstrom seattle also has downtowns on sale according to the manager there.
  12. ^^ really?? OMG I need a downtown
  13. contact denise shes the manager there.
  14. Does anyone know if the sale includes sunglasses? I have been dying for the black scroll temple ones but can't bring myself to pay the $295. Thanks!!
  15. Thanks, didn't score a Downtown but did get a Muse which is just as nice. Yay!!:yahoo: