YSL Boots

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  1. Hello All,

    Im looking at a pair of ysl boots on ebay, from I guess a few seasons ago?

    It is a 39. It says it fits more like an 8. I only own one designer pair of shoes and it is marc jacobs misplaced heel and it was a 37. generally speaking i wear a 7.5. I have a very narrow foot. I can also wear an 8. I know nothing of YSL fit, and have read varying answers. can someone let me know what they think? and also authenticate in the authenticate thread? They dont seem like a pair of shoes that would be counterfeited.
  2. someone please tell me how they fit?
  3. for me, ysl fits pretty true to size, maybe even a bit bigger than other european designers.
  4. Personally I find YSL sizing to run true to size.
  5. Agreed, definitely true to size. I'm a 7.5-8 and with the TribToo pump I'm a 37.5 and with the Tribute Sandal I'm a 38-38.5. I also have the YSL Dada (older season) and they are a 38 but definitely could have done a 37.5.
  6. I bought a pair of YSL tribute boots a couple of years ago, and they were also true to size. They are the only pair of boots I have ever worn out lol. I wore them day in and day out and still miss them now!
  7. ok thank you everyone, i guess they will be too big :sad: