YSL bootie, do we like?

  1. I am obsessing over this YSL bootie. I just ordered two sizes since I am not sure how it will run. My Tribute sandals are 36.5 and Trib Too Pump is 36.5 but you never know especially if you want to wear a tight/etc.

    What do you think of the color and what do you think I should pre-treat them with? Luckily it's still hot out so I have time before I will wear them :p
    img-thing .out=jpg&size=l&tid=60154652.jpg
  2. very nice and I love the color! Not sure if you should pretreat. But, the only thing I'd recommend is that in time, you should spray a protectant to keep them safe from rain and random spills or dirt. Also a handy brush for suede/nubuck makes sense.

    Congrats and please share mod pics!
  3. LOVE this shoe and the color is amazing!
  4. I have a strong obsession with booties as well, I know how you feel. Recently, I have been at the sales in Macys, and got the most gorgeous pair of red booties ever.
  5. Thanks for the tip! I am most concerned with the color rubbing off on the back of the heel, you know how that tends to happen sometimes...
  6. It's so rich, I am in love!