YSL Black Patent Leather Voyage bag from Bluefly

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  1. Hey girls! My first post in YSL, as I'm usually in the Gucci forum...
    I just ordered this bag from Bluefly since I needed a black bag and black patent is so delicious ;)..I can't seem to find any info on here about this style, anyone purchased this style before? I wanted to know how shiny this looks in person & can it fit over the shoulder (I should be receiving this next week but im impatient, lol!)..appreciate any info! :smile:

  2. YSL does very nice patent leather. It shows the grain of the leather so it has more texture than most patent leathers and doesn't look as artificial.

    I had never seen that style before now.
  3. thanks purplekicks..yea I wasnt sure why I couldnt find any info on it either..I hope its real...:sad:
  4. I hope you can take some photos when your bag arrives. I've been looking at the black & white Voyage on bluefly ... hard to keep myself from putting it in my shopping bag! Never have seen one IRL but it does look fantastic in both the patent & smooth leather. Hope you like it... btw, I've bought a Rive Gauche, Downtown & Muse wallet on bluefly & they were all in perfect condition & legit. Lately they have some great YSL items.
  5. Congrats! i have never seen this bag irl before. It looks very nice.
  6. thanks pinkie & noon! I hope it does look good in person, and I will definitely post pics if I decide to keep it...im excited !!!;)