YSL black hardware on bags

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  1. Hello everybody,

    I have been considering investing in the YSL Small Kate bag in black hardware. I love the black hardware I think it’s much different and can be more wearable than silver or gold.
    The only concern I have is the black hardware noticeable ? Those who have black hardware bags can people see your logo ? My local store does not sell these so I would have to buy online
  2. I have the monogram WOC in black hardware and I adore it. It’s definitely not as noticeable as the gold or silver, but that’s why I chose it. The gold is beautiful IMO, I debated between the two but feel in love with the black. It will stand out to people who know YSL or just high end bags in general.


    They’re both beautiful and I’m sure you’ll love whichever one you pick!
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  3. Thanks for your reply! Yeah I’m definitely falling in love with the bag yours is gorgeous can you see the black logo or does it completely blend in when you wearing it