ysl belle de jour in nude or gold?

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  1. Hi! Planning to get one. What color will I get? Pls help.. Nude patent or gold patent? Thank you in advance :smile:
  2. Hey there! How do you plan to use it? Both colors will go with almost any outfit, depending on what colors you have on. So, it boils down to which color - nude or gold - will go with the outfits you currently own?
  3. Nude!
  4. PL nude.
  5. nude as well..I heard that metallics look really worn out soon after you tart using them
  6. I say nude also because it can be worn with more..
  7. Nude
  8. does anyone have pics of the gold bdj? Im thinking of getting one too.
  9. depends on the occasion... evening out then gold, for all types of events nude.
  10. Another vote for nude but you can't go wrong with either.
  11. Oh no! I was gonna say Gold since I just purchased a Rose gold one on sale
  12. so... What was your decision?
  13. nude