YSL being shipped to US from Farfetched asking for SS#

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  1. Hi :wave:
    I was just curious if anyone had purchased a bag from Farfetch and received an email asking for their SS#. The email seems legit, but I still have never received an email like this. :confused1: I have included the main bulk of the email. Thanks!!!

    We wanted to reach out to you prior to shipping your order. Due to the high value of your item, a DHL representative may contact you for your Social Security Number once your package reaches the United States. The DHL agent is acting as a proxy for the US Customs and Border Control Agency and will ONLY relay this information directly to the US Customs and Border Control Agency.

    Please note that the US Customs and Border Control Agency requires a Social Security number be provided for clearance processing before items of a certain value can enter the United States. Would you be willing to provide this information should a DHL agent contact you?

    Please confirm by responding to this email, or calling us at the number below with simply a “YES” or “NO”.
  2. Yes, this happened once with an expensive coat I purchased from there. Ultimately, I don't even recall if DHL ended up asking me for it. But, either way I wouldn't be concerned.
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  3. The letter says "Would you be willing to provide this information should a DHL agent contact you?" They are not asking for it immediately, right? And it seems like it is only a possibility you'd be contacted for it in the event something happens at customs. I think you're ok to just say Yes, as it may never even be required.
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  4. Thank you!!:heart::heart::heart: This is the first time ordering with farfetch and abroad so I was just a little surprised by the email. I also did a couple quick searches and no one has ever posted about farfetched requesting this sort of information, so i got a little worried.

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  5. I would be concerned too. Not enough people are and freely give their info. up. It's very good on you to check around. You could always call DHL too and ask if this is something they generally request.
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