YSL BDJ Deep Red Patent Clutch ... help needed

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  1. Hi all - I'm relatively new to YSL but I've acquired two large BDJ clutches in black patent and a nude patent thanks to this thread :smile:

    I caved and ordered the Deep Red online at Neimans last week. It arrived today and I adore the color but there's a slight crease in the flap on the right hand side. It bothers me a bit but I'm not sure if I'm too picky with this? I know it's a crinkle patent and is supposed to have texture but this crease is definitely deeper than regular texture like my other ones are.

    Also, I just noticed for some reason the one I purchased online was $475 when it they normally cost $595. When I clicked the link in my order, it says the item I ordered is sold out and no longer available and now they only have ones that are listed at $595. I might have bought an older version with canvas lining they still had stock on (versus the silk lining)?

    So - should I keep it because I got this at a really good price? Is the crease/dent small enough to justify keeping? Or should I try to exchange it?

    Photos below. It's not noticeable when I hold it since my hand/arm will cover it - but I know it's still there.

    Your input and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    BDJ red 1.jpg BDJ red 2.jpg BDJ red 3.jpg
  2. I would keep it, the crease is not so obvious plus the color is VERY :woot:! but if it bothers u a lot, u think u should return it :smile:
  3. I can see the crease and even though it's crinkled patent leather, I don't think it was like that initially. Someone pulled on the flap trying to open it. I would call Neimans and try to exchange it for another new range one (and see if you can still get it for the same price). If you can't, then you have to decide whether you're prepared to pay another $125 for a perfect one. If you go with that option, return the Neimans one and order from NAP. Their stock is usually flawless.
    You seem to be bothered by the crease (or you wouldn't be asking the question) and for either price ($475 or $595), you're entitled to be 100% happy. :smile:
  4. you got a good deal, keep it!

    I was at the boutique there was 4 (in the same color) to choose from and only 1 was perfect all the other 3 has some kind of defect.
  5. KEEP!!! we're clutch twins with deep red :biggrin: the crease is not that noticeable at all!! i honestly think it's the natural leather variation and very subtle IMO.
  6. Second that.
  7. I third that! The crease is negligible!