YSL bags too seasonal?

  1. Hey guys, hoping you could help me out with something. I've been eyeing the Downtown and Tribute totes in black patent for a long time, but one thing holds me back - I'm really quite over this "It" bag nonsense. Right now, I'm just looking for something basic I can use for a long time. The Fendi Spy and even the oversize YSL Muse in my closet has taught me a thing or two about these It bags.

    Now, I personally feel the Downtown might belong to the category of "It" bags, but how about the Tribute tote? What are your opinions? Or should I skip YSL totally?
  2. I just bought a tribute tote! and I love love it!. It's sooo roomy yet it's still super easy to carry. Shoulder or by hand it doesn't matter. This is my 1st YSL bag and I think my next purchase will be a downtown. I would love the black patent one as well. Sooo, get a tribute! You won't regret it. Here's a pic (as if I didn't post enough pics of it).. :p:p
  3. Congrats on that :smile:
  4. I used to think YSL bags were very seasonal and thats why I stopped buying them for a few years. But the muse has had such a long life - even though it is a very popular bag. It is still going strong. At the end of the day, its about whether you truly love the bag, enough to buy it, and use it. If you feel that the trend of these bags are going to influence whether you wear it or not then maybe you should look for a bag thats less obvious than the downtown or tribute. Even though I feel both those bags will take you past the current season. Personally I think patent is going to be seasonal, simply because it is everywhere at the moment.
  5. I just bought my Muse last month - caught the tail-end of the hype, I suppose. But I decided to get it anyway b/c I do feel that it's a classic and functional shape. The color (anthracite) may become dated but I'm confident that it's a bag that I'll personally use for a long time.

    I also bought the Downtown in a more neutral color, chocolate. This bag has been my workhorse. I carry it much more than my Muse (I feel the color of the Muse is more seasonal, anyway) and while it's been shown on celebs all over the place, it feels like an everyday kind of bag to me, good for all seasons, appropriate for all but formal occasions.

    I haven't bought the Tribute but I'm tempted. I think the shape and style, especially the croc-embossed black patent, are quite trendy. Whether that translates into staying power is debatable.
  6. In my opinion, YSL has one of the least trendy handbag lines around. The styles are generally classic, timeless, and elegant. (Compare, for instance, Prada's "fringe" bags of last season, or their "fade" bags this season.)

    YSL's strong suit in recent years has been different takes on the tote--Muse, Rive Gauche, Downtown, Tribute, etc.--and roomy functional bags such as those will be around forever. Yes, those bags are popular, but is that a reason to avoid them? I don't think so. And I just think the whole "It Bag" concept is so outdated to begin with.

    As for your bitter feelings about your Muse, I don't think that you can find a much more classic shape than that. Plenty of celebs and real women are still carrying their Muses with pride and joy.
  7. While I love the look of patent bags, I think that they scream "trend" to me. I think for the styles that you mentioned, the Tribute and Downtown, buying them in regular leather gives them more staying power and takes them beyond a particular "season". I purchased my Downtown this summer, after agonizing whether or not it was "trendy" as so many celebs have been photographed with it, and I'm am SO glad I took the plunge. I've been carrying it everywhere, and it's really incredibly versatile.
  8. The downtown is a gorgeous bag. I'm eyeing the downtown in the purple with the chocolate suede lining. I'm late to pick up on YSL but if you get a downtown in a good neutral basic then I don't see why it won't last you a long time. It looks quite classic.
  9. It's true that patent bags are really "hot" right now, but they never really fade away entirely. In the many years that I've been a handbag lover, I've seen patent bags come and go, and they get popular every couple of fall-winter seasons, it seems.

    YSL patent is iconic, too. A New York Times feature story on YSL earlier this year referred to "the draw of classic YSL themes like leopard print and patent leather."

    Regular leather is a "safer" bet, but I think that every handbag wardrobe probably has room for a patent bag or two.
  10. I personally think it's the reverse, I think the Tribute in black patent is more trendy and season-identifiable than the downtown.

    The only thing that might happen with the downtown is what I see as the Muse's downfall: EVERYONE in big cities has one. You can't go a block in Manhattan without seeing a Muse. But if you live somewhere where muses are less ubiquitous, probably downtowns will have lasting power too.

  11. ITA. It kinda bugs when people asks these kinds of questions. Its about what YOU feel, not the ebb and flow of the general public. If you feel that its trendy, then its trendy! But MY personal opinion on YSL bags, is they are not trendy. And Im not biased, because I dont own one. But after seeing the muse around for awhile, its growing on me. I didnt like it at all before, it was so bland/blah. But now I think its such a classic! I tend to have the opposite process for buying bags. Instead of going crazy when they first come out, it takes months, even years for me to warm up to something. I like that I do that, because then I know its not an impulse purchase and that I really do like something. I feel very confident about it. The benefit of this, is that I often get things on sale. :drinks:
  12. I just got a chocolate os muse,too. Cannot resist the temptation anymore. I think the muse is a classic bag and I plan to use for a long, long time. Love it.:heart::heart::heart:
  13. The Downtown is really a very basic tote with a slightly funky shape, so that's a bag that should work for a long time, regardless of who is (or isn't) carrying it. I agree with others that buying it in leather may help you get more use out of it through the years and if you feel like you want to go really basic, then you could even go with the deerskin which doesn't have the outer pocket.

    Any bag that's designed as more of a tote doesn't really seem like an oversize bag to me, either, because totes are always around regardless of current trends and their point is to be a carry-all bag. The Downtown is also great for travel so I'd bet you would get a lot of use out of it as a carry-on through the years, too.
  14. ITA that it's your perception that matters. Personally, I carried patent leather for years before it came back as this season's IT look. Simply because I love it and the retro look.

    I'll carry my Muse bags for years...trendy or not.

    Go for what you like and create your own trend!
  15. For me personally, the majority of the latest trendy YSL bags (the muse, downtown, etc) probably fall under the same category as the Miu Miu Coffers, the Fendi Spys, the Marc Jacobs Stam. These were initially "it" bags that have proven to have a much longer shelf life than expected. I think the Muse, specifically will continue to go strong for a few more seasons.

    But I wouldn't categorize these bags as being in the same league as say, the iconic Chanel 2.55 bags and Hermes birkins and kellys, the Bottega Veneta Cabat. These are bags that have stood the test of time (or survived several style seasons) and will never ever go out of style or ever go on sale, but rather increase in stature and price over time.

    I guess it's like investing in art. If you buy it because you like it, you're bound to end up less disappointed than if you buy it, in view of future trends.