YSL Bags on sale at koodos.com (Europe) - HURRY!

  1. Ladies

    I got an email from www.koodos.com and they have very few YSL bags left on sale, I just got a Large Muse in Chocolate reduced from £770 to £559!

    Not as good a deal as the US retailers when Nordstrom / Saks have their sales, but there aren't that many of them in the UK so I think this is pretty good. On the Harvey Nichols' website, the Chocolate Muse in Large is still selling for £770.

    There are some downtown bags as well but these are selling out first so get there quick!

    Delivery is £4.95 for UK, and returns within 14 days.

    Share if you have bought something as well!

    :tup: Good luck!
  2. Sorry - I meant £599 (and ps I have searched for codes but there doesn't seem to be any valid codes for koodos.com right now - darn, their 10% code expired only last month)
  3. UPDATE: I received my bag today and am very happy with it, have checked the cards and all the codes as provided by the helpful pple on the "Authenticate This" thread and the Large Muse codes all match up.

    The quality of the YSL Muse is really very good, am slightly worried abt the threads fraying as posted on other threads but will take extra care with it now I know the potential pitfalls!
  4. congrats!! any pics?