YSL Bags from Saks sale

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  1. I got three YSL bags from Saks 70% off sale, all random returns/finds by wonderful tPFers and SAs. Initially I was looking for Downtown but found out most of the Downtown bags that were on sale were in size small, so I ended up purchasing these three bags, I would like to hear your opinions on which ones to keep or return. Thank you very much!:smile:

    1. Praline Nubuck Croc Embossed Besace
    2. Large Muse in Road Grey (in updated pebbled patent Grain de Riz leather)
    3. Medium Black Patent and Haircalf Muse Two
  2. Congratulations! Please post pics!
  3. keep them all! The besace is great for those weekend errads. the large muse is a great work bag and the muse II is a bag for the ages.
  4. fastastic finds TUZI33!!! I am still looking for a muse!!! Keep that for sure! It's a classic!
  5. Congrats! The decision is easy: keep all three!
  6. keep them all! 70%off is a very good deal! post pics pls. :smile:
  7. We say keep all 3!
  8. If you can only keep one, I vote for the Muse in grey, but 70% off is a great deal and if you love them all and will use them, keep them all.
  9. congrats! can you keep them all? they are such different styles and the sale was so good...:smile:
  10. Thank you all for your kind words! I wasn't sure about the Besace the color is very dark, and my 6-year-old son said to me "Mommy that looks like a man's bag!" when he first saw the bag, LOL.
  11. May I know how much the road gray Muse is?
  12. I say keep alll three, they are wonderful classics!
  13. I'd like to know too. :graucho:
  14. I'd keep the Muse in gray, if you have to pick.
  15. Here are the pictures: