YSL Bags 40% Off...

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  1. At Nordstroms valley fair(in CA). Right now their doing pre-sales, pick up or shipment starts june 4th.

  2. Do you know if they have Muse on sale also?
  3. I was at VF San Jose today and they had a chocolate and olive Muse left. Goodluck!
  4. I actually just spoke to someone from there but she said that it's only the olive and the purple muse that are on sale, or maybe it what's left in stock
  5. I checked Fashion Valley in SD.....no YSL in the sale.
  6. Ladies, I just have to share this...I was stunned to see the posting on Nordies 40% off designer bags including YSL because I placed my Muse Violet order just 2 days ago.....called Nordies at Mall of America to see if there was some way they would honor this sale price on my violet muse which is in transit... YES they will! I will have to send in the upc tag to the SA, but she will take care of it...that is almost $600 savings! So she is now searching for a black or red Muse which i will buy on sale if she finds... She is also searching for Downtown bags, but said they did not appear to be on the sale list but she's checking for me
    I gotta tell you..Nordstroms has my business from here on out. Toni in Designer Handbags also said to let you all know to call her and she will check her stock and the inventory at all stores for sale items for you, and she will assist you with the preorder. She is FANTASTIC, ladies. You can reach her Monday at Mall of America Nordies. 952-883-2121, ask for Designer handbags, Toni will be back at work Monday..
    Oh, she did also say they have the YSL Metropolis, Reversible bag, Rive Gauche, and Muse in Bronzo (olive)right now..not sure of colors, sorry. But she did say that reversible is $594, was $995.
    Good luck!
  7. Wow! Those are great news! T4P, I have been searching for my chance to find the right YSL and this may be it!!!!
  8. this is really good news ah
  9. that's so awesome Diamondgirl!!!
  10. great news diamondgirl1!!! Remember to post pictures when you get them
  11. Great SA. Enjoy your bag!
  12. Tnx !
  13. An update: I just pre-bought the O/S Red Muse from YSL Houston...their presale starts tomorrow for shipment beginning 6 June. Paid $979. I figure I was willing to pay full price for the violet and now together I am paying about $150 more and getting both...
    I need an intervention! I'll post another thread about the YSL Presale event.
  14. to DiamondGirl1, so it is not 40% off, right?. i got my o/s black muse from NM for $934 before tax.
  15. do they also have the small muse totes, how much are they on sale?