YSL Bag Knowledge

  1. I was recently in dubai and went into ysl, they had this bag that has gold hardware as teh handle and its a decent size its a shoulder bag simialr to the hobo shape and its in like a cord material... does anyone know what this bag is called? ive been trying to find a pic online but i cant.. please help really want this bag..

  2. I think you're describe the Vicennes--I think that's how it spelled. Does it look like the Mombasa--hobo-style but is pouffier? And the handle is like this intricate shaped "horn" out of gold? Does that sound right?
  3. Is it this bag?? This is the Yris. Comes in leather too. When you said cord material, i thought if this bag. It's made of a linen but looks like burlap.
  4. Here's what the Vicennes looks like....though I'm not sure if it's the one you saw?

  5. Ya thats it the Vicennes!!! THANKS SO MUCH!! how do i find it?? hahah i love it!! i really want it.. i saw it in the cord and LOVED IT!!! THANK YOU FOXY CLEOPATRA
  6. You can get the Vicennes in that caramel color from Bluefly --

    ...it's a good deal if you use the 15% or 10% discount code (in the Deals & Steals section)

    I love the Vicennes in black and have been stalking Bluefly for over a month now trying to find one in black....but so far no luck. Bergdorf Goodman had it available in black & also in white last week but of course it was at full retail, so $1250+.
  7. I think its spelled Vincennes... sounds like 'vahn sawns' ??

    have you tired calling a YSL boutique in or near you country? You can also try calling a Neiman Marcus in the states?
  8. Oh I almost bought this Vincennes a couple months ago. The SA at YSL prounounced it vin - chenz.

    You can buy this bag at some Nordy's too.
  9. YSL at SCP or BH/Rodeo?
  10. I don't know if you're asking me baglady but I have an SA at the YSL in Vegas (at the Bellagio). I've only bought a St. Tropez from her.
  11. hmm my friend is the Assist. Manager there!
  12. Hi, just in case you're still looking for that bag....they've got it on Bond (London) AND....ON SALE!! Not sure what colours are left, but i do know they've got it on display in cream! =)
  13. ^ Bond street.. ahhhhhhhh i miss london!!

  14. I miss london too!! especially now that my mum's on holiday there! so........what i've been doing is running up a phone bill talking to her while she's on the way to the shops or even in the shop!
    she'll be describing which bags are on sale, etc...and i'm shopping through her! HHAHHAHA!! :yahoo:
  15. i bought one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    got in printemps in paris.. ON SALE In white leather!!!

    for those looking for it in black they had it tooo