Ysl baby duffle bag - does anyone have one?

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  1. Hi all!

    I found a ysl baby duffle bag from a resaler and I am considering getting it. However I have never seen one in real life or in store. I barely have seen it online really. I know it's not a super popular style but the price is appealing for a cute neutral crossbody style. I have two ysl bags already (sac du jour and woc) so I'm looking for a casual everyday bag.

    Does anyone have one? And if so, can you post a photo of you wearing it? Do you like it? It seems a little on the smaller side. And I'm wondering if the shape holds. I'm thinking of getting it as an everyday crossbody bag for just essentials (wallet, small cosmetic bag, phone, keys).

  2. I have one! It fits quite a bit for its size. I have a small nylon pouch filled with items such as: 3 pens, a skinny journal, 2 chapsticks, earbuds, etc. As well as a coin purse and a keychain pouch which is used to hold my cards and keys, raybans in a slim case, and of course my phone. It holds everything I listed perfectly but the bag ended up being a little heavy when holding it by the handles.

    If you have a large/wide wallet this bag won't be a good idea. Definitely get a smaller, slim wallet so you have room to put other stuff in it.

    Still a cute bag, though and I recommend it.

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  3. Your bag is gorgeous. I love the color. Does it have a front slip pocket like the larger sizes?
  4. Thank you!! Unfortunately no, it does not have a front or back pocket. I so wish it did, though.
  5. Thanks for your reply :smile: Never mind though, it is still super cute!
  6. Thanks for sharing, it does fit quite a lot!