YSL Arty rings thread!

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  1. Ah... oh no, now I really feel like ordering the pink one. And I already ordered a turquoise one. Dying! Hahaha... these rings are too pretty. What a disaster. :nogood:
  2. YAY!!!!! My ring arrived yesterday at my local YSL :yahoo: I'm so so happy!!! My wonderful SA will mail it out today. I can't wait to have it. Finally!!!
  3. That is great news, francyFG! So happy for you! :smile:

    Please post modeling pics if you can!

  4. Mine arrived a couple of days ago and I love it! Went for the dark blue in a size 7 in the end and I'm really glad I did! It seems to run quite small as I can just about wear it on my middle finger. I'm usually a 6 or medium on my middle finger.
  5. Me too!! Love to see these 2 colors!:biggrin:
  6. These YSL Arty Oval Rings are so Bold & Beautiful. I saw this Gorgeous Long hair Young Lady wearing this YSL Arty Oval Ring in Coral carrying a Large Chanel Classic Flap in Caviar Leather with an off-white dress (no idea from which label) , i can't take my eyes off her...such a beauty with great taste, great wardrobe, she look rather young i am guessing early 20s.
  7. Hi YSL folks,

    I've just ordered the dark blue ring from NAP...pics to follow when it arrives.....:dothewave:
  8. I've been obsessing over the arty ring and haven't been able to decide on which color to get!

    Coral, Turquoise, or Lapis (dark blue)? Which do you guys think is more versatile?

  9. Kimon:huh:wl, congrats on your ring! :smile:

    Please post some modeling pics if you can.

    This particular YSL ring does run smaller than other arty rings, so you are right about sizing.

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    Yes, the arty oval rings are gorgeous! A perfect accessory, which can add that something special to any look.

  11. Yay, congrats! :smile: You must be so excited!

    Look forward to seeing the pics!

  12. I think lapis and coral are both gorgeous and would coordinate with more things, but turquoise is just stunning.

    All the colors are so beautiful and so different. I would go with the color that caught my attention first.

  13. I've been put on the waitlist for the Ovale ring at my store, crossing fingers the 7 or 8 will fit me! :smile:
  14. Thanks monap_1981! I think I might go for the Lapis. It definitely caught my attention first :biggrin:
  15. As promised here is my first YSL Arty ring. :yahoo:



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