YSL Arty rings thread!

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  1. Actually I don't know... I think they run true size. In Italy we have a different sizing so I didn't really know what was my exact US size.
  2. I bought a size 7 but it's way too big for my fingers... I'm going to get a 6, hopefully it will fit better.
    I have this beautiful ring sitting in my jewelry box and I can't even wear it!!! I seriously hope my SA will get the 6 for me asap!:graucho:
  3. francyFG, in YSL stores in US they go by the same european size system.

    7 was too big for me too. Arty Ovale runs smaller than Arty Dots (that is what I think). In Arty Dots I could go either with 5 or 6, but everytime I would put 5 on, my finger immediately would get red and a bit swollen (quite obvious). With Arty Ovale I couldn't even fit in 5, it was too tight.

    I think you should be ok with 6. Let us know how it fits, once you get it. Wishing you to get it soon!

  4. For the people who have the Arty Ovale ring, is this ring more suited to thin narrow fingers? I'd love one but have short chubby fingers... and no idea of my ring size and the only store in my city that stocks them are currently sold out :sad:
  5. jen, definitely not! i've seen multiple pics of this ring online, there are people with all kind of different fingers wearing it!

    i say try 7 and 8, one of these sizes should be a good fit!

  6. Beautiful rings ladies. Thanks for starting this thread, this gives me an idea:whistle:
  7. Net-A-Porter have the rings back in stock in dark blue and pink :yahoo: They also have a different version in turquoise. Now all I have to decide is which one and what size to get!
  8. I just ordered the dark blue one. I've been thinking about getting it since this morning and then I came across a blog post dedicated to them and took it as fate and took the plunge. I'm so excited, I can't wait until it arrives. Will post pics. :yahoo:
  9. Naomi, congrats, you must be so excited!

    Look forward to seeing your pics! Turquoise and dark blue are my two favorite colors in this ring!

  10. Good choice Naomi23, I think I'm gonna get the dark blue one too! I still don't know what size though.
  11. Kimon:huh:wl, I understand, the colors are so gorgeous that it is hard to pick just one :nuts:

  12. Thanks! Mine too, I'd love a turquoise Ovale but I can't seem to find it online anywhere and I'm hundreds of miles from a YSL boutique so the dark blue Ovale was the next best thing, I love the colour. I'm just hoping I chose the correct size, I'm usually a Large in rings from Topshop as I like to wear rings on my index finger so I guess a size 7 will fit nicely.

  13. Now I'm thinking about getting two colours, but that's really naughty of me :shame: I'll have to go without food for a few weeks!
  14. Honestly, I am too, it's terrible lol! I really like the turquoise one on NAP too! I'll wait to see how this one fits and feels and I just may go for it, as a treat for finishing my exams!

  15. Congratulations! You should definitely get it as an end of exams treat :biggrin: I'm gonna be good and just get the dark blue one for now I think. Turquoise one next month maybe.
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