YSL Arty rings thread!

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  1. I just sucked it up and pre-ordered one from Saks, even though I won't receive it until October. I mean, I'm going to own the ring for life... so getting it a few months after the big trend shouldn't break me. That's what I'm telling myself anyway :P

    I ordered the Arty Ovale Ring in the turquoise! (:
  2. oo i love this ring!!
  3. LOL you're right! When I got mine and figured out it was too big I called my SA asking for a smaller size and she said I would have had to wait until they re-stock them. She said it could have taken a while but I actually didn't care that much... Just few more weeks and I'll have my ring forever!!!!:yahoo: I hope that this time it will actually fit!
  4. @francyFG: which stores do you called in Italy?
  5. Just wondering if anyone who has the turquoise does it appear darker to you in real life than in photos?
  6. I am back again in this thread :smile:

    As some of you might remember, a while back I was trying to decide which one of the rings to get (arty dots in blue vs. the arty ovale in turquoise).

    Well, after thinking about it and listening to an advice that I got here (thanks!), I ended up getting arty dots in blue and I love it!

    However, I am now "itching" to get an arty ovale ring as well. I am loving both turquoise and the dark blue colors.

    Which color would you guys choose? Pls help, thanks! :smile:
  7. oh man i looooove these rings, i have been lusting after one for so long.

    monap_1981, i would go for the dark blue over the turquoise! it would make the ring a lot richer i think, i really like both colors though
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    thanks, hautehippie61! i always have a hard time deciding ... i am torn between both colors.

    it doesn't make sense to own the same ring in different colors (that is personal opinion, of course). so the decision needs to be made ... :wondering

  9. Definitely dark blue!!! Yeah I know I'm biased...
    Check mine out, I love love love it... Can't wait to get it in a smaller size and rock it every single say LOL!

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  10. The arty enamel is also growing on me... I might get it in white :graucho::smash:
  11. francyFG, it is gorgeous, thanks for posting the pic! you must be so excited!

    what size is the one you have and which size will you be getting?

  12. monap_1981 hm, I don't know... I wouldn't get two in the same color. (: They're different style but I think you might be able to match the ring to different key accessories if you get two different colors.

    francyFG ohhh that ring is so gorgeous! I can't wait to have mine. Eeee! Is there a sizing issue with the ring at all? Or do they run true to size?
  13. ahh sorry i hadn't read this carefully enough! haha in that case i would say the turquoise! it's such a fun ring that it would be kind of silly to have two in the same color...:smile:

    also are they sold out on the ysl website? they're still listed to order on there and there isn't anything about them being backordered or anything -- but someone had mentioned they're sold out everywhere...?
  14. Brigitte, I agree that it is better to get a different color, even though a style is different.

    The thing is that blue will look better with most of my clothes, but with turquoise i don't know .. it is gorgeous though! :nuts:

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    I think they don't have any in turquoise color online now, all the other colors in the arty ovale ring are available. But I am pretty sure that the arty ovale ring is now part of their permanent collection. So I think it is just the matter of time before they get the turquoise color back in stock.

    These rings are so much cheaper in Europe, London for instance ... :oh:

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