YSL Arty rings thread!

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  1. Hi, I saw the website requires a login once you click in. I've never heard of it before, are they a trusted authentic reseller? Also, do you mind sharing your friend referral code? I'm interested in the rings but need to create a login. Thanks! [emoji5]️
  2. You need an account to order. It is my first time buying from them too. Maybe others can chime in on how reputable they are. Just so u know the ring doesn't come with YSL dust bag or box.

    Here is the referral number you can use to get $25 off

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  3. Ok, thank you so much! I found an older thread here about them, and seems like people verified them. I'm going to think it over, seems like a great way to snag these discontinued gems!
  4. Hi Everyone,

    I recently bought this orange arty ring from eBay, the pics from the listing looked legit. I did ask the seller if the ring was authentic, she said she also bought it from eBay but she believed it was authentic. The ring came with branded white box, branded black pouch, standard packaging. Can someone authenticate this for me please? Thanks heaps. The pictures below were taken by me.

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  5. Sorry, my first post, didn't realise pics weren't attached. Here they are.

    2016-08-03 11.22.29.jpg 2016-08-03 11.22.13.jpg 2016-08-03 11.22.07.jpg 2016-08-03 11.21.59.jpg 2016-08-03 11.21.22.jpg
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  6. I still love these rings.
  7. Hi, hope you ladies can help me... thinking of getting an Arty Oval ring... is the ring true to size? My ring finger is 7. Looks like the ring's band is wide - should I get an 8?
  8. Unfortunately because they are hand made they are not always TTS. Could run smaller or bigger or TTS.
  9. Thank you :smile:

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  10. I was curious if anyone has heard anything about Arty rings being re-released? Wishful thinking on my part. I SO wish I would have purchased the pink arty love ring ... totally missed out!
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  11. I wish it was true
    I would like to add smth new to my collection
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