YSL Arty rings thread!

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  1. If anyone lives in London, I saw them at the Bicester Village Outlets for 110 GBP. They had four colours [emoji4]

  2. Did they have turquoise? Thanks for the tip!
  3. Yes they did! :smile: There's also a 10% coupon, head to the information centre and they'll give it to you to use throughout (except Prada)
  4. I've recently bought a gunmetal arty ring. I've compared this to the gold one I have. It feels lighter and the blue is extremely vibrant. Is it a real one?

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  5. From what I see it looks authentic. The color is called cipria. I have one also and love it. Enjoy and wear it in good health!
  6. Pretty
  7. I bought mine and showed in this thread but never worn it! I don't know if i should sell it or not and i didn't know it was discontinued... maybe it's because i'm more of a silver lady now...

    @Xylim: The gunmetal you got is super cute!
  8. I have the chance to purchase Cipria for a decent price, but the only problem is that it's a size down from what I would buy if I could choose. It's a seven, and I guess my best shot is a size eight since I've heard they run a bit small. Should I just let it pass and wait for a size eight (as if that's ever going to happen) or just buy the seven and pray that it fits and just re-sell it if it's too small? I'm so torn.
  9. finally found the one I was looking for, its so pretty.

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  10. That's a gorgeous color combination. Congrats! :biggrin:
  11. thank you so much:smile:
  12. I am sorry to see that this thread has seen it's heyday- used to heaving and so busy :smile:

    Anyway, wanted to tag my Cipria here. Wearing him (yep, mine is a he) today and love him as much as before!

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  13. Beautiful! F I wish these were still available, my Lapis is lonely.
  14. Amuze.com has a few arty rings left like coral, black, pink and green for $130 if you use the $25 refer a friend coupon. Otherwise it is $155.
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