YSL Arty rings thread!

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  1. Nice rings
    How much does it cost
  2. my updated collection...

    agree the hype has subsided and I'm not as in love anymore... :shucks:

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  3. Nice collection
    So colourful
    How much does one ring cost ?
  4. Beautiful nonetheless! There might be interested buyers should you decide to let them go ;)
  5. Gorgeous collection! I still love mine and get lots of compliments.
  6. Hello Arielle84, even if it was subsided your collections are still looking pretty gorgeous to me. Don't be sad. Gather,capture and reminisce every moment that you have with your collections. Then it will always be special to you. Be happy :smile:
  7. How much does this ring retail in Singapore or Australia ? Thanks

  8. These rings have been discontinued. You might be able to find them through resellers and websites like *Bay at a range of prices. Usual caveats about authenticity apply!
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    One out of three artsy rings I have ^^ this one is my favorite~rose gold and green with rose gold foil detail inside/ size8
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    one of my favorite :smile: purple gun metal xoxo

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  11. Your collection is TDF!!!!!! :heart: :biggrin:

  12. Super pretty!
  13. Thank you! :biggrin:
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