YSL Arty rings thread!

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  1. I actually prefer the arty ovale ring. I think it's a prettier shape and more eye catching. :smile:
  2. thanks! :smile:

  3. The Arty Ovale Ring is so gorgeous.. the shape/design of it is just beautiful. I would go with that one! :smile:
  4. love both, but if I had to pick one it would be the arty dots.
  5. I prefer the navy blue dots ring :graucho:
  6. thanks, everyone! really appreciate it!
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    As usual, I fall in love with things when they're sold out everywhere...:hysteric: I'm obsessed with the Arty oval ring but can't find it anywhere! I called all the YSL boutiques close to my town but nothing... I stalked all the major online stores but still nothing. If you see any of these rings please let me know!:flowers::flowers:


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    They have plenty of them on Saks website. If ordering from US is not an option, then you can try YSL stores in London (they alwas have a very good stock of YSL jewelry). Saks website also has on pre-order a new color of Arty Oval ring (dark green), I haven't seen it before.
  9. ^^ Thanks!!! I was about to get it from Saks even if the shipping costs to Italy is very expensive, but my beautiful SA managed to get one ring for me and I'm so so happy!!!!
  10. congrats, francyFG! that is great news, you must be excited!

  11. Are there people who know if the YSL arty metal ring still available is in Milan?
    Thanks a lot:smile:
  12. There was one I thinkh -the square not the oval one- on sale @ net-a-porter today. Good luck.
  13. Nope!!! Sold out!!! I called last week.
  14. I was... :crybaby:But the ring turned out too big!!!! :cursing::mad::censor:
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