YSL Arty rings thread!

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  1. Wow, EisleyJane! That is a nice ring!
  2. [​IMG]

    I bought this one on nap.

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  3. ^^ Hannahsophia that is lovely! That's the one I've been stalking :P How'd you find the fit? Great bal too btw :smile:
  4. thanks! after getting the light blue one from Saks in a size 6 i opted for the size 7 for the dark blue. my middle finger is a size 6 but needed a size 7 for the ysl ring. luckily the size 6 fits my ring finger.

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  5. Is there anywhere I can still get this ring in the DARK GREEN color (the left one)? I want to get it for someone as a present.

    Picture borrowed from another thread.

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  6. I think the green colour is sold out... it is a beautiful colour. I'd check consignment stores, ebay etc. You might find one :smile: Good luck! And what a nice gift that'd be!
  7. I'm looking for this ring too! :smile:
  8. Yes the colour is indeed beautiful! I was already afraid that it wouldn't be easy finding it, I have been checking Ebay religiously. No luck so far, but I'll just keep looking then. Thanks anyways :flowers:.
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    There is one on ebay atm, szie 8, but with a huge mark up :sad:
  10. Hi everyone,

    I really love both of these YSL rings - the arty ovale ring (in turquoise) and arty dots ring (in deep blue).

    Here are the links:




    I can't buy both, can only buy one. Please help me choose which one!

    Please list pros and cons for both rings! Thanks! :smile:
  11. Hmm, I prefer the Arty Dots b/c the darker color works better for me personally, with my wardrobe/bags. But the Arty Oval ring is more popular overall. So I'm not much help I guess, lol! :-s They are both cool rings!
  12. Thanks for replying! :smile:

    I agree, Arty Dots is more "neutral" when it comes to the color and the design and goes with more things. But the turquoise color and unusual design of the Arty Oval ring is just gorgeous.

    I just can't seem to make a decision, guess I am stuck :nuts:

  13. i like the dots ring too.... it's more eyecatching to me, and i like the blue
  14. thanks for replying! :smile:

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