YSL Arty rings thread!

  1. Congrats!!! Saw the coral and brown at YSL Boutique today IRL, it's beautiful!! :smile:
  2. Gorgeous! Congrats ;) are you really going to wait until Christmas? :graucho:
  3. Mmm probably not :p But I should...
  4. Congrats!! Really?? Thicker?? Odd! My coral is an original and it's so much more better quality than my others, especially the metal band. The stone however, definitely smaller, especially the lapis and turquoise. :/
  5. I know! I was quite surprised. I should say though, the metal is noticeably heavier on my Lapis and Aqua (my Lapis is original season). I still love my two little newbies :biggrin:
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    :'( Really far behind, but just found out they were discontinued.. I've been lusting after one for forever, and I think might just be the push I need to finally get one! There was this one I originally wanted to get, but now I can't remember the name of the color (?) so I can't even find it online! :nogood:

    If anyone can tell me the color of this ring, I'd great appreciate it! It is the one pictured below :smile:


    Image from bergdorfprincess on blogspot!

    ETA: I'm also debating which one I should get, I just want them all :love:

    Should I get the cream w/ gold hardware, this one, or this one? (not sure of the names on the last two haha)

    The cream one is on sale, plus free shipping tooo.. so many choices.
  7. First arty you asked for is called cipria, and I'm not sure if its available online, maybe in stores :smile:. About the other rings I have the Marine Rose gold and its lovely the other ring you showed it is too, think it depends on what jewelry color you have and use the most, but if it is your first arty I would go for gold a classic!
  8. Hey girls, just wondering have net a porter has ever reduced these rings by 30%?? I have got a good deal on the lapis ring but still deciding whether I should get it or wait for the sale from net a porter. Cheers
  9. Honestly I've never seen the Arty rings go on sale at all! If they did, they wouldn't be reduced by 30%, so it sounds like you have a good deal there ;) Just make sure it's authentic before you buy it!! Good luck :biggrin:
  10. yes i got a good deal from harrods, they held the ring for me for few days so i can think about it. But i did not get it in the end as im using the money for another ring which i'm going to get from eBay. it is a blue one with gold flecks, very hard to find. I have to pay alot more for that ring but i think it is worth it. ;)
  11. Congrats! The Azure is beautiful, it reminds me of islands surrounded by the sea (excuse my dorky imagery :p). It is gorgeous!
  12. Hehehe thanks ;)) I guess that azure ring will complete my collection for now ... I'm waiting on NAP international sale, hopefully the rings will be included in the sale ;)) I love the aqua and marine. Those two will be my last addition to my collection. *Finger crossed *
  13. Hi ladies

    Am new here, but I've been following this thread closely and admiring all the lovely YSL rings!

    Does anyone knw where I can get this ring pls? Can't seem to find it on most sites... =[ And what is this colour known as? Thanks in adv!

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