YSL Arty rings thread!

  1. On Neiman Marcus site few day ago, and seems like it was sold out.
    And now I'm trying to find it but don't know color (((
  2. I am torn between size 8 and 9. I am just in the middle of them, and I'm worried that if I buy the 8 it can be too small, but if I buy 9, I'll end up with a ring that's too big to wear... are they small in size, or true to other ring sizes? I really want a ring, but it's not in stock in size 9 atm : ( Sadly I can't try them on in a store, size my country don't stock them in any store nearby. Is it true that the arty ovals run a bit small in size?
  3. They may be a bit smaller like maybe 1/2 a ring size smaller than typical rings because usually a size 5 is a little bit loose on me but the size 5 in the arty fit well and is maybe even a little snug on me. I think you'd probably be safe getting your usual ring size though.
  4. I am wondering the same thing. NM online calls it "ice" and I knew it wasn't ice but I ordered it anyways hoping I'd get the one in the pic. Two times I ordered it, they sent me Ice and not the one in the picture. (even after sales rep wrote specific instructions to match the one in pic online). :sad:. Booooo... It probably says Sold Out because they don't actually have that one.

    So I was going to post the same question, what color/stone is the one in your pic. Hopefully someone can help us bc I really want that color/stone :smile:
  5. I think you should size up, to a 9. Because of the shape of the ring and how much surface area it would cover on your finger, your usual size will probably fit too tight. And when you order it, you may want to order 2 in the same size bc they all fit a little different, and hopefully you can return one without any add'l charges. I ordered 2 different colors in the same size before and they fit different, one was definitely too tight. I wouldn't have known a 6 would fit if I didn't have the other one (another size 6) that fit great. So I just exchanged the one ring for another 6 which came back and fit great. Hope that helps :smile:
  6. I meant this ring, it has a rose-gold finish:

  7. Ah ok, perhaps I'd recommend to buy the size(s) that's closer to the measurement, but the bigger one is safer. Just in case the fitting is tighter than normal :smile:
  8. Ah, thank you! But it kind of sucks that I'm being recommended a size bigger, seeing as they don't have size 9 in THIS gorgeous little thing... Maybe I'll order a size 8, just to see for myself? Argh. But it's gonna be so expensive to send it back if it don't fit. I even mailed the customer servize, and they told me they don't make this ring in size 9. Which is odd, seeing as they had it in stock (according to the webpage) a couple of weeks ago :thinking:
  9. I just love rose gold finishes, but doesn't it tear of very easy? Because it's not plated with real rose gold, or is it...?
  10. I am officially going to get this now but I'm scared is going to look just exactly like the picture, almost gun metal. I called and they said is just silver hardware but for some weird reason I am paranoid and believe yours is lighter, like the one in Saks? Was the one on this link, the one you bought? Sorry Vicky, but just want to be sure :-S and it doesn't help I don't have a store near by to check -_-
  11. I had this ring before I returned it. It was silver, not gunmetal. I didnt keep it b/c the ice and silver together washed the ring out. I chose a gold ring instead.
  12. Thank you!!! Wanted to be sure. Another girl told me the same thing about the ring. She liked it on pictures but once she saw it she didn't like the way the stone looked, same, watched it out, but there is something about it i seriously like ^^ Thank you very much for the feedback!!!
  13. Girls does anybody wants to sell their gold/white glass or silver/light green rings please let me know ))))

    I'm trying to find it but unsuccessful (((
    Ak.lampo4ka at gmail.com
  14. Do you ladies match your rings to your outfits? For example, what colors do you wear with your lapis, coral, or turquoise ring? Net a porter shows all colors of rings with what I consider to be clashing outfits and it looks ok on the site but I am not sure I could pull it off.
  15. I found it!!!
    The color is skymint!!!