YSL Arty rings thread!

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    Can anyone show the bronze stone with old gold details?
  2. hi there, i was just at YSL ion orchard today and i did see this ring there. not sure of the sizes available though, but you can call them and ask :smile:
  3. oh wow i didn't know net a porter would be cheaper.. are they on sale or something? europe (london)'s only about 40sgd cheaper excluding shipping, but we do get VAT back. hate the price increases :sad: anyway, good luck with your arty hunting!

    p/s love your username, it's one of my favourite drinks;)
  4. Can anyone give me some advice on sizing? How do the arty rings run, TTS? Thanks
  5. i still prefer to get mine at the boutique, i find the sizing a bit of a hit and miss. different rings of the same size can be quite different! hence i feel safer to try the actual ring that i'm getting. if the ring is bought online it'll be hard to return it. but the price increase is quite a pinch. :sad: i got my arty at 400sgd too
  6. LOVE it ! love your blog aswell , ive added you to my favorites list on my blog :smile:
  7. Yours look so pretty! This one exactly is the one which is available at YSL Europe. Thanks so much for the picture, seeing you wearing it helps a lot! ^^
  8. just received yesterday :heart::heart:! so thankful for free ship from NAP!

  9. as soon as I saw this, i feel in love!! Must have!!! it's so perfect with the silver :biggrin:
  10. Lovely! I was set on the ice/silver ring, but now I'm thinking about the pale pink instead...

    I have the pink cabachon Arty with gold finish, but that color is much more saturated and has a warm tone. The stock photo of silver/pink seems to have a cool tone. I think the pink could be as versatile with silver as the ice stone.

    Decisions, decisions!
  11. get them both! they are sooo lovely!
  12. Yes indeed! sooo soft and gentle yet modern and edgy!:graucho:
  13. just received mine from mytheresa! saw it on there then found this post :biggrin:

    the pink is so light and dainty and love the gold flecks in it too!
    P1030458 a.jpg P1030459 a.jpg