YSL Anthracite Muse 50% off on BG

  1. gone!
  2. Oh wow...that's too bad. She was a beauty!!
  3. This is not as nice as on the picture actually...I got it and returned it back..so no regrets..
  4. Wow that is one HUGE bag...14 x 19.
  5. I saw it in real life at neiman and it is actually not that nice... hairy
  6. where are my manners? thank you gaya for sharing
  7. I just bought that bag in bronze calf hair. Loooooooove it!
  8. It is really the best winter bag you can have. But for summer you'll need something less severe.
  9. still available!
  10. Just looked and it's still available.
  11. just looked again and it's gone. i love the shape of it but I don't know if i can deal with the hairiness of it all. Thanks for the post!
  12. Just looked and Old Furry's still available.

    If I had a bag like that, I'd want to pet it, not wear it. :p
  13. Still available, if someone's interested.