YSL "Anais" bag

  1. This is a new bag for fall, featured in the Bergdorf fall preview catalogue. Its the "Anais" patent leather tote. I think its understated and elegant...(Although the Muse is still my #1 choice.)

  2. Not sure if I'm liking the zippers. I love the new patent muse! I also saw the patent mombasa which was tdf!
  3. Addicted, I'm suddenly on a YSL kick! The styles are so classic and elegant. I think they have a lot of staying power.

    I've got the Mombasa from last fall in brown suede with mink trim. Now I'm obsessing about getting a Muse.
  4. I saw this in the Bergdorf Book, wasn't sure about the patent. Would like to see IRL. Jill D.C. where can I find a large selection of YSL in the DC area.
  5. There is a YSL boutique in the Watergate building on Virginia Ave. in NW Washington. I was there yesterday, and they had some spring/summer bags on sale, but not much of the fall merchandise yet. Its a fairly small boutique.

    I assume that YSL is also available at Neimans or Saks in the Washington area, either in Chevy Chase, Md., or at Tysons Galleria, Va., but I'm not positive...

    I'll be in NYC in a couple of weeks, so I'm planning on checking out YSL there...
  6. Completely forgot about Watergate! I was in Saks, they have nothing. Saks Jandel carries Saks but I'm sure it's not a wide selection. Did you see the Anais?
  7. Haven't seen Anais IRL. But hope to in NYC.

    I'm pretty sure that the Neimans at Tysons Galleria has some YSL.
  8. Very pretty bag. I'm still a Muse lover though...
  9. What the:censor: is this? I don't like this bag at all.:yucky:
  10. Not really feeling it..
  11. I'm up in the air about it. Might make a nice work tote. Supposedly, patent leather is very big for fall...
  12. Nay.. Reminds me of a shopping bag all dressed up for a nite on the town.
  13. It's like they are trying to recreate a new "Muse" bag, but these new totes are just BLAH!
  14. Does anyone know if the anais fits over the shoulder or is handheld??
  15. Not for me :nogood: