YSL #2: Medium Easy Bag, or Large Muse? Help, please!

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  1. Hi lovely YSL fans! :biggrin: I am about to purchase my second YSL (I just can't stay away) and am set on something in red patent. Here are the choices:

    - Red Patent Medium Easy
    - Red Patent Large Muse

    I like bags that can be worn on the shoulder fairly easily. The price of the Easy and the large Muse that I have my eye on is pretty comparable, so that's not an issue, and both are new. I don't carry tons, either, so weight is not an issue even if the empty bag itself is a bit on the heavy side.

    Which of these two would you pick, and why?

    If you would not choose either of these two styles, which one would you recommend instead, and why?

    Thanks for your advice, it is much appreciated!!! :flowers:
  2. I'd go for the Easy bag, I got one, well...for a couple hours, but it's a very versatile bag, you can put it easily over the shoulder or handheld and it's big enuf where you can put almost everything in there, your daily essential and a magazine and even a scarf, gloves...love it. Now that I got the Easy (well, it's on its way, the replacement one that is) my next YSL bag would be the Downtown.
  3. hmm I like both bags, but I think Im gonna say the muse simply because its more of a ysl classic imo. If not the muse I think id go with a downtown - patent downtowns are gorgeous!
  4. Wow!! Now I am kicking myself for not buying the red patent Downtown that I had been eyeing...

    I also love that bag. Or should I say that I haven't seen a YSL that I don't like yet. :nuts:

    Thanks for your opinions, anne and noon!! :smile:
  5. While I generally prefer the Muse over the Easy bag, I think that if you're going for the red patent, I'd go with the Easy-- I think it just suits it better.
  6. Thanks!

    How do you feel about the patent Downtown, though? (I am still thinking red).

    I can't get the patent YSL off of the brain, lol...and it's been there for MONTHS. :wacko:
  7. I love both the Muse and the Easy, but I'm not a fan of patent for the Muse and I love the pebbled leather for the Easy. Not sure if this helps you but that's just my opinion!
  8. I won't be of much help because I'm going to say they both look great in red:biggrin:
    Though honestly there is something about the Easy in patent that I just love.
  9. Personally, the Downtown is not for me, but I can see red patent on this style being better-suited than on the Muse.
  10. I would prefer red patent on a Downtown too :smile:

    Of the two I prefer the Muse simply because I like bags with more structure although I'm starting to like the Easy after seeing saff's recent purchase.

    Do also consider the size of the bags in relation to your height and also the shape of the bags after you put your belongings in. (I find that my Downtown is a lil slouchy because I don't put much in too)
  11. Great points, everyone! I am thinking that I prefer the Muse in regular leather - so now I am between the Downtown and the Easy. :Push:

    You make a good point, amelial - I think that the large red Muse in a stiffer patent (though YSL's patent are very soft) might be a bit much for me, since I am 5'3" ish and I am moving away from very large bags.

    I'm so torn!!!! :nuts:
  12. First, for not getting that red patent downtown :lecture:

    lol, I can see your dilemma..... both would look great, though I'm loving the easy in the red more.

  13. i'd pick easy....i love easy...
  14. get the easy
    I just don't see the muse as a classic. For me it just reminds me when it was a "it" bag and everyone had one. yes it's still being sold but its very dated for me.

    the easy is a classic understated bag- beautiful in design
  15. [​IMG]

    so gorgeous!! you know my vote is for the patent red easy.... love it!