Yoze Kubrik vs Nude Paillettes

  1. I recently picked up a pair of Yoze Kubriks and Nude Paillettes and I realized that both of these shoes are too similar to keep both. I have purchased way too many shoes in the past few weeks and need to edit. Between sale season and the new spring collections, I have added too many CLs to my collection.
    Considering that both the yoze kubriks and nude paillettes are both similar looking VPs, and these are shoes that I probably won't be wearing very often since my lifestyle is more about dinners out with friends/lounges/bars rather than fancy black tie parties, I don't know that it makes sense to keep both. So basically, I've had enough of thinking about which shoes I should keep and which I should part with so I am hoping that you ladies will make my decision for me.

    Here are some things to keep in mind, I already have and will never part with the following similar fancy type CLs:
    Silver Bling Bling
    Nude Satin Cabaret
    Black Satin Anemone
    Black Satin Helmoons

    The yoze kubriks I picked up on sale for about 40% off and the nude paillettes were full price. But the price difference is not significant so that is not going to be a major factor in my decision.
    So based on these photos which do you think look better on me and which should I part with. Or should I just keep both?
    yoze and pailletes.JPG paillettes air 1.JPG Yoze Air.JPG
  2. Ack! What a tough decision. I would tell you to keep both, but it does make sense to offload one, so that you can buy a different pair later on :p

    Out of both of them, the nude paillettes look fabulous on you. They go better with your skin tone and will probably make your legs look super long when worn with a beautiful dress or skirt.

    The Yoze Kubrik is different and eye catching - however, the subtle sparkle of the paillettes is gorgeous and somewhat understated, even for being a shoe decked out in sequins ;)
  3. I really like the color of the paillettes on you. Keep those!
  4. If you can, I think you will not regret keeping both!
    The Yoze Kubrik and the Paillettes each give off a different vibe. Of course, that is if *you* feel like they're different enough.
  5. Wow they are both beautiful, but I have to agree with Cristina. I think the Paillettes' color looks amazing on you. I've also seen both in person (the Kubriks in a different style) and I was just Drawn more to the Paillettes. They are sequined but subtle, KWIM? Its a tough call... Good luck deciding!
  6. I personally prefer the look of the Nude Paillettes the best, so I vote for you to keep those! Both look great on you though!
  7. Keep the paillettes. I bought the yoze kubriks and have had problems with the bronze wire coming off even though I'm really careful with them. My best friend had that problem with hers also, and I saw 2 pair on eBay last week with the same problem. Just something to consider.
  8. crappp what a tough decision! like the ladies said, i love how the yoze looks on you! but i'll go with the pailettes.. though i'm worried the sequins might fall apart if it gets snagged by accident or when you walk? heard of the problems yoze brings too.. eeps, not too sure!

    PS: kam, how do the nude satin cabaret look? i would love to see yours! hehe
  9. I vote for the Paillettes also. Both are beautiful shoes, but the nude is so pretty and will be great for summer.
  10. One more vote for the Paillettes! They are both gorgeous though. Let us know what you decide!
  11. I like the nude too.. maybe it is just the photo but the kubricks look pretty dull there?
  12. Thanks for the comments ladies. So I guess the overwhelming majority votes for paillettes which is what I was originally leaning towards too.

    Letsgoshopping - I know exactly what you are talking about. I had the kubrik pigalles and ended up returning them because I noticed the wire coming apart at the seam and I had not even worn them yet, I saw this same problem on just about every single pair of the kubrik pigalles (both in store and online). But so far the yoze kubriks look like they are in good condition BUT I have not worn them yet so who knows what will happen after one wear.
    On the other hand, the paillettes look like they are VERY well made and the sequins are securely attached to the shoe, but there is always the possibility of something snagging.
  13. That's tough. I hate to confuse you even more, but did you ever consider the fuschia paillettes? Maybe you can keep the kubik's and go with the fushia. Just throwing that out there.

    On the other hand, my gut reaction was for the nude paillettes because it seems to catch and reflect the light in such an attractive way.
  14. nude paillettes ... I love these more than even the fuschia ones as they are much more versatile.

    not that the kubricks arent just as stunning but in my experience (with the pigalle version) the beading/threading doesnt hold up..
  15. Nude Pailettes win my vote, they are lovely :yes: