Yoze Kubrik / Pigalle does what do you think ?

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  1. I am contemplating getting these but wonder how they fit and if it's worth it. I like the unique style but am not decided yet. Does anybody have these?
  2. Here they are...yay or nay, I fear I won't be able to walk in them.


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  3. They are on sale now at Barneys, I saw them yesterday in NYC.
    I am not a fan.
  4. Cat, I have them. Have not worn them yet. As a general rule of thumb, this heel (the decolette heel, as I refer to them) is much less punishing than the straight, original pigalle heel. Sizing is standard for tall pigalles, which is .5 to full size down from your regular CL size.

    They don't blow the competition out of the water, but I'm a pigalle fan and they are different than many shoes out there.
  5. They look like fish scales. I am not a fan too
  6. I do not find the Kubrik to be me, but I like them in that style. Getting them on sale would be sweet!
  7. I would like to amend my post as I slowly take my foot out of my mouth. I just saw a photo of Melanie from the Spice Girls wearing this shoe at the AMAs and OMG it looks fabulous. This always happens to me with CL shoes, I see a photo or a pair of CLs on display, and they are just 'eh ok', nothing special, but then I see them worn in all their glory and they are just stunning.
    I am rushing over to Barneys now to try on a pair. I just fell in love...
  8. LOL Kamilla!! Yup, alot of shoes just look better ON than on display. These are def one of those. Run, run, run! I'm gonna be shopping on my lunch hour too! ;)
  9. It was that photo of Mel B. that sold the shoe for me! If I had something to wear it with or an occasion to wear it with I would. Maybe the sale price would be enough to tempt me? For those who got it, how much was it?
  10. You're so funny... how much are they on sales??? Haaaa why don't I live in the US.
    Thanks girls I am still undecided since I am not really shure if they are really me yet.
  11. I like the way they look. As far as walking in them, I'd have to try them on. I don't even see them on Bareny's site.
  12. I tried them on this evening. They are beautiful but for some reason very uncomfortable, the leather is extremely stiff. My SA told me that all the beads are hand woven which is why they are so expensive. They are still pricey at $995.
  13. I love them.