yoyotomatoe & Fashion1: Our Blue Bals Lunch Date!

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    So being that we live in the same city, we decided to unite and have a little tpf lunch bal pal get together for the very first time. Luckily it did not rain and we had a great time! Here are some of our photos!

    First up: My blinged out swarovski bunnie phone case accompanying Fashion1's gorgeours Coral GGH coin purse.
    photo 1.JPG
  2. Next up...Fashion1's 2004 Lilac RH makeup bag joins in on the fun!
    photo 2.JPG
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    By the river on the bench, we present to you 2007 Ocean Work GSH & 2008 Marine PT GSH!

    photo 3.JPG
  4. Now the whole family! I wish I had more to contribute but all I had was my Marine :roflmfao:
    photo 4 (2).JPG
  5. And of course mod shots!

    As you can see, Fashion1 is quite the fashionista...with her Ocean, black bal flats, and her beautiful red bal ggh bracelet (sorry don't know the name...so MJ pls chime in on this one!) and that gorgeous blue YSL ring!

    The second photo is me with my Marine!
    photo 5.JPG photo(1).JPG
  6. And this concludes our first bal date! Had a splendid time and can't wait for our next bal outing :yahoo:
  7. Thanks for posting these!! I had a great time too. It's so fun to hang out with another Bal lover. Good thing there wasn't anyone else in the bathroom to hear us talking about Bal colors, leathers and styles, lol. PS bracelet is GGH Bordeaux Hamilton Cuff. ;)
  8. Haha! This is true...however I'm sure they saw us crazies outside taking pics :roflmfao:.

    I want a Hamilton cuff now! Look at what you have done :P.
  9. :welcome: :sneaky:
  10. Cute pictures, thank you so much for sharing your lunch date with us. Sounds like lots of fun and always a nice excuse to photograph Bal goodies.
  11. Adorable Thread! Sounds like you guys had a great time. :smile:
  12. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  13. so fun!! love all the pictures :smile:
  14. Love the pics! You guys look great! Glad to hear that you had a good time!
  15. Cut thread! Glad you two had fun and your Bals are beautiful :tup: