yoyo's @ saks.com

  1. Those are very pretty :love: I like the silver.
  2. Yes they are the grease paint yoyo 85. Saks NYC has them in a lot of different colors in store and the boutiques have them in black, red, and beige (yoyo 110) and also in the 85 mm heel.

    I'm not sure how they are running. My SA at the boutique told me that they were running large though. I know Lo* has the 85 mm ones so hopefully she can chime in. I would imagine TTS or 1/2 size up at most.
  3. thanks ashakes i think im gonna wait until feb to order them..going to vegas again next month, so i'm def.checking out the new CL boutique at The Palazzo..hopefully they have then in the 110 mm nude patent too
  4. i got the nude patents and they run half a size small
  5. Oooops, I was creating a new thread at the same time this one was posted.
  6. Oooops, I was creating a new thread at the same time this one was posted. I like the gold. Such a soft gold color.
  7. I like the silver. Very cool!
  8. I have them!! I ADORE them!!! I have the beige, 85mm which is the one shown on Saks.com. I also have black grease paint in 100mm. And I just ordered the silver this AM:sweatdrop:. I feel as they run pretty tts for me, in open toes I wear 41, and in closed toes i wear 41.5. The 41 is a little small at first but after a wear or two they are perfect, if i get the 1/2 size up they will fall off my feet after a few wears. Hope this helps, the 85's on Saks are sooo comfy
  9. Edrine, please tell me you're joking about the CL boutique at the Palazzo. :wtf: That is where we are staying next month when I go and I can't have temptation that close to me. Hey, I may bump into you there. :yes:

  10. Nope! No jokes, there's going to be a CL boutique at Palazzo :love:
  11. i kid you not!!!i was soooo excited when i found out beacuse i'm always in vegas every month..NOW i have another 'something' to look forward to:graucho: when are you going?
  12. I might see you ladies there! I haven't finalized plans yet, but I might be there on my birthday during the President's Day weekend.
  13. i can't wait to go to the palazoo for my bday!!....*sigh* in april though so that's a long time from now...
  14. oh dear, i don't know what sizes to get since some said they run a little large? i got my TS for nude patent yoyos 110 (a little tight but i haven't worn them yet so i don't know) and i'm not sure for these new yoyos i should stick to my TS or a 1/2 size bigger? i could always do silicone heel grips but what do you ladies suggest? how does the red look?? is it a hot poppy red or dark red? i'm planning to get the beige glitter when it hits Saks at FL but i'm not sure now that there's red!! :drool: