Yoyo vs. very prive...

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  1. Sooo Ive been trying to locate a pair of CLs in the "greasepaint" patent with glitter shimmer on them...and so far Ive only found some at Saks NY

    But just wondering--is there a big difference in comfort between the yoyos and very prive?

    Im terrible at heels and the 70mm are the comfiest simples for me and 85mm are still okay but at 100mm i start kinda wobbling so you can kinda get an idea of the kind of clutz I am--doesnt stop me from buying some in 100mm but i try to grab every pair of 70mm I can find in the nice colors....

    How comfy are the very prive and yoyos...Saks has the yoyos in 85mm in the greasepaint but im also still trying to look for the greasepaints in SIMPLES 70mm or 85mm PREFERRED...I know people are saying Holt in Canada has them but anywhere in the US???


  2. I know exactly what you mean re: heel height. The 70mm yoyo's are as good as wearing flats for me. The 85's are comfortable & I am stable. The yoyo 100's hurt the balls of my feet, but I can wear VP's with no problem. It is definitely the platform. If you can wear VP's ok then you can handle 85mm yoyo's imho.
  3. ^^thanks...
  4. ^^^Cali I can wear my Greaspaint yoyo's 85mm out all night dancing and drinking and be ok, and i am clutzy, hehe, so that says alot.
  5. Make sure that it is the 85 and not the 100. I had a whole drama getting what I thought were the grease paints twice. Then they said they did not have the 85 after I was sent 2 wrong pairs. Just don't want this to happen to you as well. Which Saks are you speaking with?