Yoyo Sling

  1. Does anyone know what type of material this shoe has on it?


    Compliments of NM Site.
  2. If you use the zoom in facility you can see it is definately not leather. The picture is not very clear but the material has a 'hairy' apperance so it might be suede.
  3. I have looked up close to and I also thought it was suede
  4. I believe that style came in suede and satin.
  5. Suede at first I look it was velvet with a suede finish! lovely shoe!
  6. I'm almost positive it is suede.
  7. I also think it's suede. It has a similar texture to some of the other suede CLs on NM.
  8. If you go on NM website and really look at the heel you can see the texture of the suede. It is a very fine suede.
  9. Yep, I have that shoes and it's suede.