YoYo saga..As The YoYo Turns

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  1. Well, I have been so trying to get a pair of nude yoyo's and have driven you all, and you know who you are, crazy with questions.
    Well, I ordered a pair from Ann in a 38, which is my "normal" CL size. I had read on here that many size up a whole size but do I listen to you all, no I listen to what she says. Well the only way I could have kept them was if I hopped on my right foot because the left one hurt like the dickens. The few steps I could take looked about as gracefull as a duck trying to walk and lay eggs at the same time.
    Sent them back:crybaby:and of course she could not find a 38.5.
    Well, guess what??? I know you have figured it out already but out of the blue they popped up and are being sent to me!!!:wlae:
    Please, please let them fit!!!!
    Say a little prayer for me!! I am very excited as they really made me giggle like a child with a new toy when I looked at them.:heart:
  2. I just said a quick prayer for you! ;)
  3. *Praying to the Almighty of Shoes* Fingers crossed for you hon.
  4. My CL prayers to you cjy! :smile:
  5. I am so glad that you found them, that is my absolute favorite shoe of all time and I too had to go through months of searching high and low to eventually get my hands on them. They are very hard to come by so I am glad that you got your proper size.
    I absolutely agree that you should size up at least 1/2 a size or 1 full size. I am a US size 8 and I got these in a 38.5 and 39. I prefer the size 39 but the 38.5 will probably be good after a few wears too, so far I have only worn the size 39.
  6. :yahoo: so happy for you :woohoo:
  7. i'm singing aretha and saying a little prayer for you!
  8. Claudia,
    Let's hope the shoe fairy is kind to us because I have a nude VP on it's way to me as I type. I guess you could say it has "wings"! Hahaha Loved the post about the "winged CL". Too funny.

    Please let it fit, please let it fit, please let it fit........:hysteric:
  9. Congrats! I had to go up a full size too, after the half size didn't fit.
  10. Congrats. I feel your pain. I too bought a pair from Ann. I wear a US 8.5 but 39 is my usual CL size. I sized up to a 39.5 and they are a little too big. I put clear heel grips in them and hopefully that will do the trick. I'd rather have them a bit big than small I think. My Iowas were SO tight and SO painful until I had them stretched a few times and they molded to my feet. I don't want to go through that ever again!
  11. Was that not the funniest thing ever! I swear I still giggle when I think about it!!:roflmfao:
  12. YAY Cjy I'm so glad Ann could get them for you again! I think I might have gotten that pair of 38.5s from before! ( I had initially set aside the 39 but the 38.5 were a better fit, with a little stretching on the left foot of course!)
  13. I think maybe my my feet are wider. They don't look like wide duck feet but in CL world I guess there are.
  14. Congrats! New CL's...makes me feel all warm & tingly. I hope they fit and want to see pics!
  15. omg i'm still so embarrassed about that lol