Yoyo or VP nude patent which... ?

  1. Since I started checking this forum I ended up getting the nude capri and have two more CL's on the way (VP in black and Privé "sling" ).
    Now I am wondering if I should get the YOYO's (NOT zeppa) in nude patent or the Very Privé in nude patent...I really only can get one right now (to mny bags!)
  2. i love yoyos, i think they're the best in nude patent :graucho: so ladylike and dainty yet sexy at the same time!
  3. I think they both look great. I haven't compared them in nude, but I think it depends on how much you like the platform "look and feel". By your other choices I am assuming you are a platform kind of gal. I think they are a little more comfortable, but sometimes the VP platform (which also makes the heel 1/2-3/4" taller) makes the whole shoe look a little chunkier so it depends on whether you prefer that, or a more delicate shoe like the yoyo. We are talking minor differences here, esp. in nude, but that is how I compare them. BTW, I'm not sure how easy it is to find the yoyo 110 now (which has the same shape heel as the VP), but the new yoyo 100 heel is a lot more feminine and curvier than the VP, which may be a deciding factor for you.
  4. I am waiting on the nude yoyo's to arrive. They are floating out there in mail land somewhere. As soon as I get them I will post my thoughts. Can't wait!!
  5. i have the yoyos in 110mm and i absolutely love them. they are similar to VPs, i'm not sure how the heels are like for 100mm yoyos but i think they're the curvier fatter heels? besides, nude patent VPs are SO HTF now, so if you manage to snag them up, do get them! nude yoyo 110 is HTF as well now, they used to have alot more stock but it's so popular that now the stock is running really low. if you have the funds for both, i suggest you get both!!
  6. I think both are very pretty. For me it would depend on what kind of shoes you already have and what you find comfortable.
  7. Though I love both of these styles, IMO I think that the nude is better suited in the yoyo, but only because I feel the color is so delicate and feminine. (And I find the yoyo more of a Delicate and feminine style shoe) But do not get me wrong... I Absolutely love love love the Very Prives too! I just find them more to be a (how should I say this) "come hither" shoe! But either one you chose would work well!:p
  8. Both are gorgeous, but I think the Yoyos look better and more feminine/lovely in that color. With that said, I have tried the VPs on and they seem more comfy than my Yoyos.
  9. Considering the nude prives are nowhere to be found, you probably want to go with the yoyos if you need instant gratification.
  10. I like the look of the yoyo's, but when I tried them they were not as comfy as the vp's.
  11. I would go with the yoyo's 110 mm if you can find it. I saw the yoyo's in 100mm in other colors and they aren't as "wow". The curvier heel makes the heel look kinda stubby and to me it feel like it defeats the purpose of getting such a sexy shoe. The yoyo's are also more timeless. I also think the Prives makes your foot look chunkier but it also gives you added height. Since you have a Prive already I would go with the yoyo's then in the future get the nude Prives (which I'm planning to do).
  12. Thanks lady's I will try to hunt down both and see which one I come across first. The Paris shop has the 85 yoyo's but I don't like the heelshape and prefer 11 cm, and they will get more VP nudes but in january or even later...

    So wish me luck, I think I would prefer the yoyo's, does anybody remember their retail?
  13. They went up in price from last season... mine retailed for 595$$
  14. I bought mines 3 days ago and they were $570
  15. Are thes the 110 or the ones with the new heel...if you have any hints on where I can find one please let me know, I called London, Theresa in Munich as well as Paris but no 110...