Yoyo dilemma - please advise

  1. So, I talked to a Saks SA and told them I wanted the nude patent 100mm yoyos and they sent me BLACK GREASE PAINT 100 mm yoyos. GRRRRR!!!! What to do? I honestly think the grease paint look just like normal black patent (which I dont have), but I've also spent way too much this month and want to take a break before I buy more. Should I return or keep the black yoyos? Do you think I'll still be able to get my nude patent yoyos in a few weeks? *also, I'm going out of town for 2 weeks so I won't be around if I order now and they are delivered- and I already have one pair of shoes going to my sister and dont want to be judged for two. What to do? I'm thinking I need to return the black grease paint and get them off my Saks charge.
  2. Return it and get what you want! Tell them that you'll be away from 2 weeks & to hold the shoe for you till you get back & then ship it out. It's the least they could do after they made a blunder on this!
  3. Return.
  4. i say return it and get what you want epsecially bc it seems that the nudes sell out soo quickly. I have the black grease 100's i agree they arent as blingy as the other grease paints and you cant tell. But I do belive you may be able to find them easier than the nudes. I could be wrong but I always try and grab any nudes in my size when they come my way
  5. Yeah, return them and find something you really like.
  6. Definitely return them for the nude ones now.
  7. Thanks everyone!!! I returned them and have the nude on the way (in 2 weeks!). I do wish the nude was a little less pinkish, but oh well.
  8. I think you did well these shoes are by no means inexpensive so you should get what you really love! I think you will love the nudes, they are more powder then pinkish, it's maybe the pics.
  9. Good Nettenette. Looking forward to seeing your pics then you get back.
  10. Congrats! You made the right decision. Definitely go for what you want :tup:
  11. Can't wait to see the new pair!
  12. Return. Black grease paint < nude patent. Sorry.