Yowza!!!! Anis Clutch....BIN$845

  1. ^^ yep, it's m1gr31n!, good luck sweetie :tender:
  2. ^^^ Ahhh, I thought so. Good luck girlie. That is one gorgeous clutch.

    I :heart: Anis!!!
  3. mmmmmmm gorgeous!
  4. Wow thats a great color, I don't think I've ever seen it in a clutch. Good luck on the auction!!
  5. Absolutely stunning!! Good luck!! :smile:
  6. What happened to the listing?
  7. ^^just wondered the same thing! What happened?
  8. oh no... not again...
    i never had a chance to see the listing, whay it happens to her again?
  9. Thank you fendihunter for posting...and thanks to all for the good luck wishes...

    eBay took it down again due to trademark misuse. Honestly, I don't think I violated anything but just the same I had to go through the tutorial on Intellectual Property Policies and VeRO. Then, I sent another note to eBay to request approval if I can re-list the item. If they don't respond right away, I will just have someone else list the items for me sometime in the future because I don't why my eBay account is restricted.
  10. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
    DARN EBAY:smash: I'm so so sorry sweetie.
  11. ugggggg....I was waiting to see the lilac clutch. Sorry this is happening to you :sad:
  12. I don't know if this will work, but I put this in the beginning of my designer auctions now: "NOTE TO EBAY - This is an authentic Chloe auction. Please do not cancel this auction. I have the receipts, etc. Please ask me to provide you with copies of those before cancelling the auction. You have been indiscriminately cancelling auctions from very good, trustworthy sellers. When potential buyers see that an auction has been cancelled, they make certain assumptions that the seller is engaged in the sale of counterfeit goods. Please ask before you cancel the auction."

    You might want to try this.
  13. This is great!!! However, while I always keep the Authenticity Cards and sometimes even the Sales Ticket, I don't always have the "receipt". Besides, eBay should know by now, that a "receipt" does not necessarily mean that the goods are authentic (I've seen PLENTY of L/V auctions where you could tell the item was fake, but yet the seller had a receipt/invoice ... why? ... because they too can be faked!!!).
  14. again?????!!!! I hate Ebay.