you've never seen it before!! ELYSE SEWELL!

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  1. CHANEL ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Elyse Sewell! she is America's Third-to-Next Top Model! (cycle 1)


    she has worked in various countries and is a successful model in Hong Kong and she signed with a new agency in Hong Kong, Dream Models (2006)!

    :love: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
  2. I love these ads! fantastic! good for her!

    ANTM has good talent... but they dont always choose the right girl for the job- I hold similar opinions of Project Runway...
  3. cant seee the pix :sad:
  4. Wow she looks great, I remember in the start of the show she id not wat to be a model.
  5. wow..i'm so happy for her!

    i see her all over hong kong and now she's modelling for chanel?! awesome!
  6. Lovely boots! WOW!
  7. Glad she got those ads, they are gorgeous!! :love:
  8. good for her, she looks great!
  9. Wow!! Good for her!
  10. She looks great, never watched the show, but good for her.
  11. One of my favorite girls from the entire ANTM history.

    She has a blog where she talks a lot about her modelling too, check it out:
    Elyse Sewell's Journal
  12. She is the only one I ever thought actually could make it in the real high-fashion modeling world

    Good for her.. Ely is so cute yet womanly.

    btw... since I'm not too into catty fights, I am so overwhelmed by ANTM.
  13. Where did ya find these pics?? I'd love to post the bigger version on the main blog!!!

    She looks great in the ads... I'm glad she is doing well!
  14. I wanted her to win so bad. I'm glad she made it though, and is posing for CHANEL!! How dope is that?
  15. Oooh. Love the Chanel Bag!! (I HAVE IT.:wlae: :jammin: :supacool: )