You've never heard a fake bag horror story...till now!!!

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  1. So my friend has a sister that is a millioner and sent her gift which happened to be an LV Alma Epi leather bag from Europe:smile: . When my friend got it she freaked out because she looked on-line and saw the price :amazed: and also decided that it was not her style. So she decided to exchange it...

    Well she has a thing about not going into a high end store unless she looks high end (I could hardly care less and HATE being profiled since I end up buying most of the time but I just hate being profiled) ...anyways....
    So she goes there and takes the bag out of the bag and she puts it on the counter and says she wants to exchange it because it is not her type of bag.
    Well the sales lady looked horrified did not look at it any further and told her it was fake. My friend at this point refuses to believe it, and she can be very demanding and she DEMANDED to see the manager. The manager asked her to leave or they would call security. At this time my friend started to yell at them and tell them that her sister is a millioner and would never EVER send her something fake :blink: . (I don't think she ever in a million years thought that someone would do that to her, especially her own sister!)

    The sad thing is that the day before she called her sister in Europe and said you spent too much money on me I can't accept this gift :cry: , and the sister said, "NO you deserve it and I hope your husband likes the wallet we sent too." (Ummm...a "HERMES" mens wallet that has not ever seen the light of day to this day.)
    So she said she was going to go call her sister have her send the receipt and on her way she started to look at other bags she would exchange her bag for in a couple of days(knowing the whole way that she would never walk by the LV store again either).
    At this time I see her wandering the mall looking totally confused and shocked!!! Poor baby...she pulls the bag out and I just gasped!!! It looked like plastic, had BUBBLE WRAP on it :amazed: :amazed: :amazed: :amazed: :amazed: and a little beige plastic LV hanging off of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Her sister never said anything about sending her a fake, my friend tossed the bag in the trash (with the wallet) and is just relieved that she does not have to get a masisve gift to her sister for her B-Day.

    Poor baby...
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  2. That's terrible! I would be utterly mortified!
  3. when she tells the story she can't help but crack up herself and everyone else is usually on the floor dying of laughter with their jaws dropped!!!
  4. Just because someone is a "millionaire" doesn't mean they aren't cheap.

    Thumbs down to your friend for thinking otherwise and pulling the diva act instore. You are lucky they did not call security to come right away and "forcefully" remove her. I have seen it done numerous times and it is quite the sight.

    Your friend also needs some class. Anyone who vocally says "my sister is a "millionaire," to randoms as justification to act like that obviously needs a swift kick in the arse.
  5. 99 times out of 100, when someone's "aunt", "distant relative", "cousin" etc suddenly sends an LV bag to you out of the blue (no matter how rich they are) the bag is almost always FAKE.

    I don't mean to offend anyone but people are so gullible sometimes. Your friend could've at least ask the SA to explain why she felt it was fake instead of causing up a storm or adding fuel to the fire. There could've been better handling of the situation on both parts. I don't really have much sympathy for her as there is no excuse for ignorance.
  6. Above all I can't believe her sister would have done that to her!!!
  7. 100% agreed with you ladies...i would have apologized, surrendered the bag, and left.
  8. Hmm, interesting. My sister is a millionaire and I am typing it only to make a point. She has a heart of gold, is very generous, not overly extravagant, and she doesn't know handbags. She is perfectly happy carrying a Nine West bag. There are other things she would rather spend her money on.

    We had a huge falling out last year about my expensive bag obsession when we were shopping in Bloomingdales and I wanted to buy a Chanel bag. She couldn't understand why I would want to spend so much money on a handbag on my piddly salary, and we ended up arguing later on about that and many other monetary related things.

    After about a week when we both cooled off, I gave her an education about high end bags, status bags, trendy bags, etc. She honestly thought the LVs, Balenciagas, Guccis, etc. on ebay were real and one could find a bargain by shopping there. I did too at one time. To prove my point that my bags held much of their value even after gentle use, I went through my collection (wanted to pare down anyway) and listed a bunch of mid-range bags on her ebay store (which is mostly vintage jewelry - this is her obsession). When she saw how fast my bags were selling (BIN was used a lot) and that I profited on several, she apologized for shaming me out of the Chanel boutique. She still doesn't care about bags but now understands that high-end should only be purchased retail or through reputable chanels. Once she realized my bags were a savings account of sorts, she backed off.

    As for the LV boutique incident in the original post, I honestly feel that even if her friend had used a different tactic and politely questioned the reasons the bag was fake, the treatment of the s/a and manager would have been the same. This type of reaction seems par for the course with LV.
  9. Oh no, that's pretty horrifying ! I don't know if I could ever set foot into a boutique after that. :\
  10. oh my gawd... that is really funny and yet horrified..
    I would have just donate the bag to charity..
  11. Actually I'm guilty of that too. I've received presents bags which I SUSPECT is fake from well-meaning friends but I always end up giving them away - usually to a cousin or something cos I don't have a sister. Just can't bear to use them in case they really are fake. But I tell them that, and if they don't mind, it doesn't bother me. But I won't say that it's real f'sure.
  12. Yucky experience, but no one ever said that money can buy you style or class...
  13. So true the sad thing is that the sister never once said that it was fake or on sale or from e-bay. My friend was horrified that someone would buy her something that expensive and uncomfortable that it put her is a place to return the favor when she knows it would be a burden :cry: .
    I too have been given gifts from friends who were visiting China town and thought they saw something that I might like and stop spending so much on hand bags (they thought they could cure me :biggrin: ), LOL like that would ever happen! But I just give them away or donate them.
  14. did the sister know that it was a fake?
  15. I am pretty sure that she did know...I mean the bag was so off and my friend has told me that she has seen her buy real stuff together before.
    I think once you have an authentic it is real hard to not know the diffrence.
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