you've gotta check this out...

  1. That's not "used", it's "abused"!
  2. Oh goodness:wtf:
  3. :push: :yucky:
  4. Poor wallet... :sad:
  5. Crazy
  6. And they've got people bidding!!:shrugs:
  7. FOr those who like the "vintage" look. :wlae:

    Even the stitches on the speedy are ruined. I've seen trunks from before WW2 in better condition than these. >_<
  8. whats amazing to me is that people are still bidding on it! The speedy looks salvagable...the other stuff does not...
  9. Seriously GROSS - and the speedy zipper doesn't even work :yucky:
  10. well, it might make a nice trashcan!
  11. That wallet has been abused badly...looks like someones dog got to it!
  12. Yuck! :push:
  13. ohhhhhh disaster:wtf:
  14. OMG who would have the cheek to list those dreadful items & more to the point what idiot would buy? Just how do you mistreat a wallet to that degree?